Oil and Gas Drilling Guide

How to drill an oil and gas well

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Oil and Gas Drilling Guide


If you want to learn about oil drilling as a beginner, then check out this book!

How to drill an oil and gas well from A to Z, or in a shorter form from 1 to 7.

The first step, is to determine what type of rock we will be drilling. The second step is to refine this preliminary well configuration by determining the exact dimensions required of casing strings. Afterwards, the third stage is to select the appropriate bits, bottom hole assembly (BHA) and drillstring for each hole section.

The fourth step is a big one, selecting a rig, which goes hand in hand with the abovementioned characteristics of drilling a well. Eventually, we get a shortlist and go to the market to close the best fit for purpose rig contract. The fifth step is the huge logistics framework that surrounds a drilling operation to ensure it goes smoothly and most important of all, for safety to prevail. The sixth step, is to plug and abandon the well, gladly, strict regulations have been put in place to ensure industry best practices are always followed.

Last but not least, the seventh step encompasses all of the previous six, which is to assess and mitigate the environmental impact of all the operations. Safety is, from the beginning until the end of oil and gas drilling, the n.1 priority.

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I am a Mechanical & Petroleum Engineer (dual masters) with five years of work experience, always representing the same O&G company and doing so in four different countries: Portugal, Namibia, Morocco and Brazil. I am fluent in four languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.

The international experience during my childhood where I lived in Italy, Brazil and Argentina (other than Portugal) aided me in thinking out of the box. The two exchange programs I participated in Sweden and Argentina reinforced this situation and helped me understand that an international environment incorporated with strong teamwork is definitely the key to success.

Travelling is one of my big passions, I have travelled a lot during my childhood and I have travelled a lot for my job. Luckily, I also have a competition with my wife, which is to visit all the countries in the world, we are passed the sixty countries and we want to reach the seventy countries mark ASAP!

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