Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition: OBIEE

Learn the most robust set of reporting, querying, analytic, OLAP, dashboard, and scorecard funtionality available today.

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Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition:  OBIEE


The following course is about OBIEE:

Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite (OBIEE+ and ESSBASE) is a complete, open, and architecturally unified Business Intellegence system for the enterprise that delivers abilities for reporting, adhoc query and analysis, Online Analytical Processing(OLAP), dashboards, and scorecards. All enterprise data sources, as well as metrics, calculations, definitions, and hierarchies are managed in a Common Enterprise Information Model, providing users with accurate and consistent insight, regardless of where the information is consumed. Users can access and interact with information in multiple ways, including web-based interactive dashboards, collaboration workspaces, search bars, ERP and CRM applications, mobile devices, and Microsoft Office applications.

The course covers topics from how to create a basic repository in Oracle to how to create entire Dashboard for reporting services.

I personally recommend to go over each video atleat 2 times and practice each step to get mastery in OBIEE. The entire course can be covered in 4 hours.

Note: Entire Course is structured in a way to cover the basic to advanced functions performed by a reporting analyst using Oracle business intellegence tool. The course also covers topics related to Admin functions in brief.

we will cover the Admin function in a seperate video series.

I recommend this course to anyone who is looking to get advanced knowledge in the field of data analytics or reporting analysis. OBIEE is a comprehensive tool appreciated by industry experts for reporting adhoc queries and presenting the facts in a presentable way to the management.

Details About the Instructor:

Swathi: has 8 plus years of classroom and online training Experience in Informatica, SQL and UNIX. She has excellent knowledge in Data ware Housing Concepts and RDBMS. Currently working as a freelance consultant for Informatica development since last 4 years.

What You Will Learn!

  • To learn Advanced topics of Data analyis
  • To gain knowledge about OBIEE tool

Who Should Attend!

  • people with sound logic
  • People intrested in improving knowledge of data analytics



  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Strategy
  • Oracle Business Intelligence






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