Oyemaja's Contract and Company Law

Contract and Company Law made easy

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Oyemaja's Contract and Company Law

What You Will Learn!

  • Learn the introductory aspects of Nigerian contract law
  • Learn the core principles of company law in Nigeria
  • Learn the recent developments of company law in light of the latest Nigerian Companies and Allied Matters Act
  • Learn basic public speaking as a bonus course.


In this course, you will be introduced briefly to the basic principles of contract. In this wise, we have covered the various types of contract. This includes simple contracts and formal contracts, express contracts and implied contracts, executed contracts and void contracts. We have also covered the first two elements of any valid contract. This includes the principles of offer, valid offers, revocation of offers etc. On the element of acceptance, we have included salient points of law on what amounts to an acceptance, for instance, counter-offers, cross-offers etc. and whether they amount to a valid acceptance. You will find several other principles. Bear in mind that we have discussed these in line with Nigerian law. We have taken the time to create an interlude for you by providing a bonus course which we believe will be very beneficial for both law students and non-law students. Public speaking is an essential skill which everyone should have; in the least, the barest minimum. If you are uninterested or are already a skilled public speaker, you may skip this section and proceed to company law practice. Here, we have delved more deeply into the principles governing companies, business names and incorporated trustees in Nigeria. This is to benefit students of the Nigerian Law School.


Who Should Attend!

  • Businessmen desirous of supplementing their knowledge and enriching their decision making process with knowledge of basic legal principles.
  • Law students and students of the Nigerian Law School desirous of a simplified curriculum to augment their academic reading



  • Contract Law






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