Selling with Stories: Pitching and Storytelling!

Pitch the Right Story and Bag the Sale!

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Selling with Stories: Pitching and Storytelling!


Pitch the Right Story and Bag the Sale!

Selling with Stories: Pitching and Storytelling

Stories sell.

And salespeople who can tell great stories win more deals.

Why? Stories build trust and relationships faster and stronger than data and analysis.

When done correctly, research shows the powerful impact storytelling can have on us:

  • Stories are 22 times more memorable than facts & figures alone

  • Our neural activity increases 5X when listening to a story

  • Storytelling lights up the sensory cortex in the brain, allowing the listener to feel, hear, taste, and even smell the story

As a result, in a time when captivating consumer attention is the ultimate commodity, it has never been more important for companies to tell the right stories. The stories that stop us in our tracks, the stories that move us to tears, the stories that challenge us and change our perspective.

Storytelling has become something of a buzzword, but it’s an undeniable part of how humans have always connected to one another. Storytelling skills can help people in many disciplines, from Sales to HR, but they’re especially useful for product teams who have just a few moments to woo users.

Using techniques from powerful stories can provide that extra boost of engagement and build an emotional connection with users.

Here are a few storytelling techniques you will learn in this course:

• Customer relationship

• Social proof

• Social Connectedness

• Conflict resolution

• Product experience

In this course I will cover methods to develop stories for your products, We will look at how and where to find the right story, How to construct the hook, the context, the emotion and the surprise element. We will also talk about how to deliver these stories effectively and customize the story to varied customers for successful sales. This course will help you sell with better stories.

Lets get started.

What You Will Learn!

  • Engage and entertain the User while building a strong brand message and reinforce the idea that your product is the best to buy
  • Build a campaign that touches the heart and captures the magical feeling of a product experience
  • Capture the attention of your Users by constructing the right hook, context, emotion & surprise element
  • Harness the power of storytelling in your product & build a convincing use case
  • Use social proof to move users along key actions
  • Evoke a sense of nostalgia resulting in increased User engagement with your product

Who Should Attend!

  • People who want to get better at storytelling for selling their products



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