Play MORE Lead Guitar... The Easy Way

Using the pentatonic to RULE the neck!

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Play MORE Lead Guitar... The Easy Way


This course is aimed at the intermediate lead guitarist who has some knowledge of the pentatonic scale, but feels limited to a couple of shapes & can't break out of their comfort zone licks. You will learn the pentatonic scale from the gound up: how the 5 different patterns originated & how they fit together. You will also learn...

  • How the pentatonic scale relates to chords you're playing over

  • How to determine the correct scale to use over ANY chord sequence

  • How to use the pentatonic scale to play blues

  • How to move fluently between the 5 pentatonic patterns

  • How to use the pentatonic scale to play over chord changes

  • How to use the (in)famous CAGED system

  • How combining pentatonic scales can introduce you to the world of modes

All of this is demonstrated via example solos shown in close up & tabbed out in PDF & Guitar Pro formats, so there are dozens of licks to learn. Also, you get a bunch of jam tracks to experiment over.

By the end of this course you will RULE the neck!

What You Will Learn!

  • How to master the neck of the guitar with the pentatonic scale
  • Pentatonic scale patterns
  • Pentatonic scale licks
  • The CAGED system
  • Using the pentatonic scale in a blues context
  • Combining pentatonic scales

Who Should Attend!

  • Intermediate lead guitar players
  • People looking to expand their knowledge beyond basic lead guitar



  • Blues Guitar
  • Guitar
  • Pentatonic Scales






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