Punctuation Made So Easy

Improve your writing with excellent punctuation.

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Punctuation Made So Easy


Punctuation Made So Easy takes the mystery out of when and how to use various punctuation marks. 

You don't know how to write well if you don't know how to punctuate your sentences!

Knowing how to use those little symbols will bring you many benefits.

This course will teach you how to use punctuation to clarify your message and to avoid confusion.

Whether you are writing for school, business, blogs, websites, or even writing fiction, you will benefit from understanding the rules and conventions of punctuation. 

Often people have a real challenge when it comes to putting the finishing touches on their writing.  Ignoring the importance of punctuating sentences correctly is unfortunate as it diminishes the quality of the final product. 

Well punctuated writing is like a well dressed person.  It presents a positive image.  Taking the time to punctuate your work tells the reader that you know your topic and that you care. 

Higher grades for you!  

If you are writing for school, knowing how to punctuate your work will make it easier for the teacher or professor to read and understand your writing.  

Not only does well-written work make a teacher's job easier, it also proves that you understood the topic and that you were able to prove it.  

Let the benefits to you roll in!

If you are writing for business, your boss, your colleagues, and even other businesses will be impressed.  Again, being able to easily comprehend your meaning will bring positive results.  Business can proceed more smoothly when all participants understand what they are supposed to do or what the next step will be.  

The better presented proposal wins! 

Proposals to other businesses will be more impressive if punctuated well. 

It is unlikely that anyone will pat you on the back for a well placed semicolon; however, if he or she can easily read and comprehend your proposal, report, or other business writing, that is the goal. Never underestimate the power of punctuation to make texts much more powerful and influential. 

The small "stuff" counts! 

If you are ready to improve your writing.  I am ready to help you reach that goal!  

What You Will Learn!

  • Punctuate all of your writing with confidence.
  • Understand how to use various punctuation marks within sentences.
  • Make your writing shine!
  • Raise the overall quality of all your written material.

Who Should Attend!

  • Anyone who is writing for school or business.
  • Anyone writing blogs, e-mails, and for websites.
  • This course has value for fiction writers as well.



  • Academic Writing
  • Punctuation
  • Writing
  • Writing Editing






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