Reduce Rework For Your Team

Design efficient processes, inspire and engage your team with clear vision

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Reduce Rework For Your Team


Successful projects and teams start with planning.

Many engineers plan the project well, having a good understanding of the time cost and quality required for each task, but do not think about how the team will work together. It can come as a rude shock, when your perfect project plan is blown out of the water because of team conflict. That’s what this training course will help you with…how to plan your team for success.

Planning for team success will help prevent rework, increase profit margins and will enable more effective conflict management.

The course will focus on setting a good vision for your team, writing individual and team objectives, identification and elimination of waste, and creating great processes that achieve objectives and add value for both your internal and external customers.

The course duration is 1 hour. Each lecture has a workbook and a template to support you as you put these principles into practice.

What You Will Learn!

  • Write individual and team goals to support the vision
  • Design processes without waste
  • Lead a successful and effective team
  • Eliminate rework and waste from processes
  • Organise the workplace for efficiency
  • Create a strong vision for your team and project

Who Should Attend!

  • Managers who are not sure how to reduce rework, and are losing profit as a result, will benefit from the skills learnt to create a good vision and create great processes.
  • New managers or those who are preparing to step into a new role
  • Project managers about the commence a new project



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