Self-Publishing Secrets: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

How To Self-Publish Your Own Shocking Book On Amazon, Even If You Are Broke, Not Fluent & Don't Have Time

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Self-Publishing Secrets: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

What You Will Learn!

  • How To Find Profitable Book Niches - 3 Most Important Places To Search From!
  • Keyword Research To Optimize Your Book For Search
  • Designing A Professional Looking Book Cover That Grabs Everyone's Attention
  • How To Create & Earn Multiple Streams Of Income From Just One Book - What Many Authors Do Not Want You To Know...I Am Telling You Anyway
  • The Number 1 Secret To Your Book's Success
  • How The Structure Of Your Book Should Be
  • The Biggest Trick Of Using Your Book To Get Your Role Model's Attention


Discover the secrets on how to write (or outsource) and publish your first (or next) book.

With Your Own Book You Get:

Prestige and recognition as an author.

To make royalty income!

To Build your brand and your business.

Amazon the largest book retailer to sell it FOR you!

A low risk business that you can operate virtually anywhere in the world as long as you’ve got laptop and the internet.

Here Are Just Some Of The Amazing Secrets, Tips And Techniques This Course Will Teach You On How To Write And Publish Your Own Book.

How to avoid the number 1 mistake that most authors make…Resulting them to fail making book sales because they ignore the most critical step before the entire publishing procedure. I’ll reveal to you what you should do first!

A practical step-by-step explanation on how to actually get a complete REAL book done!

How to quickly avoid the mistake that authors make that causes them to take months or even years to write a book…

How to save  by self-publishing than the traditional route of publishing that will cost you a fortune!

The biggest secret to creating a book that sells like crazy…

The structure of your book.

Who Should Attend!

  • Aspiring authors and Publishers who wants to publish their books on Amazon for FREE!
  • Writers and story-tellers



  • Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)






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