Sew drawstring pants

Draft pattern, cut make and sew your own pair of drawstring pants.

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Sew drawstring pants


In this course you will learn to design and draft a one-piece pattern, cut and sew your own drawstring pants.  This course is in two parts.  In Section 1,  you learn to draft the drawstring pants pattern.  The pattern is a one piece pattern with no side seams or pockets.  The instructions are straight forward and easy to follow in the step by step video tutorials.  There are only two pieces (cut from the one-piece pattern) to the pants with an additional piece for the waistband.  

In Section 2,  a pdf pattern is provided for those who do not want to draft their pattern.  In this part you learn to  to cut, make and sew the jumpsuit, using the pattern you drafted in Part 1 or the pdf pattern attached to Lecture 6. The make up is very simple as there are in effect only 5 seams to complete the whole design: 

  1. the front crotch seam; 
  2. the back crotch seam; 
  3. the inside leg seam; 
  4. the waistband seam, and 
  5. the pants hem.  

At the end of this course you will have a finished pair of drawstring pants which you can customize with the help of additional free tutorials which will be uploaded from time to time.  You will be able customize your pattern to other designs for yourself, your friends and family.  You can make the pattern in any fabric of your choosing, this is a fun and easy  course to follow. Thanks for looking in. 

What You Will Learn!

  • This course is divided into 2 parts. In Section 1, students learn to draft the pattern for drawstring pants. In Section 2, you learn to cut, make and sew your pair of drawstring pants using the pattern you drafted in Part 1, or the pdf pattern provided with this course in Lecture 6.

Who Should Attend!

  • This course is suitable for all levels including beginners.



  • Sewing
  • Fashion Design






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