Speak Canadian English with Trish - Home and Living

Describing your home and living; activities; renting a home; choosing travel accommodations; hotel services

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Speak Canadian English with Trish - Home and Living


Welcome to Speak Canadian English with Trish!

Do you want to describe your home, activities, and find the right place to stay when you travel or live abroad?

Do you want to learn how to rent a home, and clearly describe the features that are important to you?

This course is designed just for you!  You can be COMPLETE BEGINNER or know some basic English. 

You will learn all the vocabulary to describe your home, talk about furniture and appliances, home activities, how to rent a place, choosing the perfect accommodation for your trips, and much more!  Learn the North American accent and practice real conversations!

In just ONE HOUR, master your English speaking to describe everything in home and living in an EASY WAY!

Gain the confidence to SPEAK LIKE A NATIVE

Make a small investment and take a big step forward!  Meet friends from all over the world and have real conversations!

Work on exercises from each section and check all your answers

Practice real English conversations and English speaking in each section.

Learn that perfect North American accent and use all the class material to speak like a native!

This courses includes full HD videos, clearly written notes for all the class material, exercises and answers for each section, review and bonus exercise, and downloadable study materials.

Also included is access on mobile and TV, full lifetime access, future updates, and 30 day money back guarantee. 

Learn at your own pace and change your future today!

What You Will Learn!

  • different rooms and areas in a home (English speaking, English conversation)
  • furniture and appliances used everyday (English speaking, English conversation)
  • home activities (English speaking, English conversation)
  • adjectives describing home design (English speaking, English conversation)
  • features to look for when renting/buying a home (English speaking, English conversation)
  • travel accommodations (English speaking, English conversation)
  • examples of hotel services (English speaking, English conversation)
  • practice real conversations, work on exercises, and learn all the answers (English speaking, English conversation)
  • English speaking, Canadian English, North American accent and communications (English speaking, English conversation)

Who Should Attend!

  • You want to improve your English speaking.
  • You want to talk like a native.
  • You want to describe your home and personal activities.
  • You want to travel or live abroad and find the perfect accommodation.



  • English Conversation
  • English Grammar
  • English Vocabulary
  • Immigration






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