Spinning and swing long baton for control weapons

Swing long club and baton and staff for good control

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Spinning and swing long baton  for control weapons


Practicing spinning That is a very important foundation for training to control weapons. Or various devices in daily life that have characteristics of use Controlled by our hands If we are able to understand this principle of control, then we will know the strengths. Equipment joints To be used perfectly What kind of grip does the maximum swinging power have? What kind of grip can be rotated back without being thrown out of the hand when necessary And how to use a small amount of energy but easily control the device And will be used for control of the show creating fun Or is used to control weapons to be strong And can increase the intensity to suit the job

What You Will Learn!

  • Spinning the baton or long staff in the correct way
  • Use the marching band composition.
  • More stable long arms control
  • Practicing mindfulness with concentration Because during training you have to be careful And constantly controlling to be correct By being unaware of distractions Can't ignore other interests Because it may train to be mistaken from what it should be And may also be harmed by training equipment
  • Is a basic practice in controlling all devices because if we can control This device Adaptation to weapons or similar items is a lot easier.
  • Can be used as a show or show with lights In various parties as well
  • Can do work on color guard

Who Should Attend!

  • Martial arts lovers
  • Those who want to use all types of weapons
  • People who want to have special talents
  • krabi krabong martial art
  • Drum Mayer
  • Marching band wander
  • Marching band



  • Martial Arts






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