Sports Massage: Learn Advanced Sports Massage and Yoga

How to Achieve a Lifetime of Expert Sustained Peak Performance

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Sports Massage: Learn Advanced Sports Massage and Yoga


In Sports Massage - Learn Advanced Yoga & Deep Tissue Massage, Your body is ready for a Crazy Tune-Up to it's an immune system! You've done the 21 Day Challenge and you've Learned about Pliability! Now its time to Engrain these skills plus learn a few new tricks to get you Fully Optimized!

Learn Advanced Yoga & Deep Tissue Massage, Jorge takes you on his groundbreaking Yoga Routine, presenting a few Supplemental Movements that can make the difference of having to pay for medical expenses down the road!

  • Improve Balance

  • Strengthen Core Muscles

  • Reduce Strain on Joints

  • Tone Problem Joints

  • Reduce Pain Injury

You become more Pliable and allows you to take your game to another level and reducing the injury margin. Jorge offers an easy to follow Yoga Routine that hits all the Muscles, Joints, Fascia, Vertebrae, and the CNS (Central Nervous System)

After this course, you'll be able to achieve your sustain peak performance, keep up with your children or grandchildren, or join that new Sport you've been putting off with more flexibility!

"When taking my classes, Think Bamboo Versus Rigid Tree, when the wind blows, the tree cracks, and the bamboo bends" - Jorge MTZ

What You Will Learn!

  • Learn the basics of a Internal massage
  • Learn to stretch out injuries
  • Learn to Improve Balance
  • Strengthen Core Muscles
  • Reduces Strain on Joints
  • Tones Problems areas
  • Helps Blood flow and Oxygen into the Muscles
  • Aids in Recovery

Who Should Attend!

  • Personal Trainers
  • Coaches
  • Athletes
  • Professional or amateur masseurs who want to expand their training
  • Students with no prior knowledge in massaging
  • Students of massage, physiotherapy, personal trainers or athletes
  • Physical Therapist



  • Yoga
  • Sports Massage






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