The Journey of Coffee

Discover the quality determinants of coffee at the farm

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The Journey of Coffee


Geography and Terroir of Coffee

In this unit we explore where coffee is grown and what are the suitable climate, soil, elevation and temperature conditions to grow coffee. You will gain a basic understanding of Coffea arabica varieties, and survey the main regions where Arabica coffee is grown.

Botany of Coffee

Dive deeper into the world of the coffee plant. Willem Boot will explain the path of the seed to a coffee plant, flower and finally the coffee cherry. In this unit we go deeper into differentiating coffee varieties and their specific properties when it comes to the quality of your coffee.

Cultivation Practices and Harvest

What are the main considerations a farmer makes when growing coffee? Which plot will produce healthy coffee plants? Which variety of coffee to grow? Organic vs conventional farming? Shade or no shade? Which harvesting method to use? Willem Boot will guide you through these core questions every farmer has to answer when it comes to creating high quality coffee at the farm and supporting their family.

Processing Methods

After coffee is harvested, it needs to be processed. The processing style is one of the main determinants when it comes to the quality and flavor profile of your coffee. What are these processes and how do they influence your cup? Find out all about it in this segment.

Coffee Consumption and Economics

There are 25 million coffee farmers in the world who make decisions every day about how to sustain their farms and feed their families. Willem takes you through the choices farmers make and how they can influence their livelihood, and also the quality of your coffee.

Looking Into the Future of Coffee

What are the main challenges and opportunities for today's coffee farmers? Climate change, increased demand in previously non-coffee drinking nations, and the economic sustainability of farming are the main ones we address in this segment.

What You Will Learn!

  • Geography and Terroir of Coffee
  • Botany of Coffee
  • Cultivation Practices
  • Farm Economics
  • coffee
  • coffee economy

Who Should Attend!

  • Coffee lovers
  • Coffee professionals
  • Baristas
  • Coffee consultants
  • Food professionals



  • Coffee
  • Farming






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