Think, Plan and Win (GM Smirnov's chess seminar)

Learn the most essential rules for the quick success in chess

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Think, Plan and Win (GM Smirnov's chess seminar)


Imagine you have come to a shop to purchase a mobile phone. The shopkeeper gives you a phone with 10 books on how it works and how to use it.

The same process is followed in chess learning. There’s a huge difference between knowledge and skill. For example, you can read thousands of books about martial arts, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll become a great fighter. Apart from information, you need to train and acquire necessary practical skills. This is true just as much for chess.

That is why, in these seminars, GM Smirnov provides you with a very small user’s manual that has several items you can follow, one by one, to understand chess clearly.

Course Content:

The seminar covers four major lectures with practical suggestion. In each lecture, GM Igor Smirnov answers all students' questions and provides additional tips to implement in their games.

1. Time to Win

2. Right thinking in chess

3. Smirnov Gambit

4. Art of Planning

The course contains around 100 minutes of video lessons and a PDF summery for every seminar topic.

What You Will Learn!

  • Get clarity on how to play chess
  • Systematize your existing chess knowledge, so that you can use your full chess potential
  • Train the right system of thinking

Who Should Attend!

  • For students whose rating in the range of 1600 to 2000
  • For students who study chess without private coach
  • For students who studied lot of chess tutorials but their chess results are unstable



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