2021 UK British Citizenship Test The immigration Dream NOW

Welcome to UK British Dream UK British Citizenship Test The immigration Dream NOW

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2021 UK British Citizenship Test The immigration Dream NOW


Welcome to UK British Dream  !

2021 UK British Citizenship Test The immigration Dream NOW

97% Pass in First Attempt Easily

Migrants to UK Britain hoping to gain citizenship must get %75 or more on the Life in the UK test, which is the only official government service for getting your UK British Citizenship.

You need to take the test as part of your application for British citizenship or settlement in the UK.

On the real British test You’ll have 45 minutes to answer 24 questions about British traditions and customs. You’ll be tested on information in the official handbook for the Life in the UK Test (Our questions are based on it) you should study this book to prepare for the test.

We draw on qualitative interviews with 158 migrants of different nationalities who are at various stages in the process. We identify two responses. First, participants in our study drew on neo-liberal repertoires of active (knowledgeable) citizenship whereby they proved they are responsible and law-abiding agents of ‘social cohesion’ yet also simultaneously presented themselves as politically passive. Second, some participants perform critical, alternative narratives which contrast with the neo-liberal understanding of active citizenship. We note that these responses are not mutually exclusive and show the process of making sense of and positioning oneself around the competing, unsettled understandings of what counts as ‘active’ and what it means to be a citizen. The coexistence of these different responses shows that migrants going through the citizenship test process experience this policy instrument – and the injunctions on which it is based – in unsettling and contradictory ways. Through the citizenship test, and specifically the call to be an active citizen, adherence is sought to particular values – ‘British values’ – and the performance of active dispositions in a certain way. However, the neoliberal understanding of what it means to be an active citizen is also exceeded and challenged, in sometimes quite ‘ordinary’ and everyday ways. These coexisting and contradictory narratives bring to light the uncertainties through which migrants perceive the injunction to become an active citizen and the paradoxes of active citizenship more generally.

What You Will Learn!

  • British Citizenship Tests
  • Questions and answers about UK and Great Britain
  • 97% Pass in First Attempt Easily

Who Should Attend!

  • Immigrants
  • Students
  • Travelers
  • All people looking for New life, Opportunities and warfare



  • Immigration






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