Ultimate Blues Guitar Beginner Lessons

I take you from the basics all the way up to intermediate level of guitar playing, learning great songs along the way!

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Ultimate Blues Guitar Beginner Lessons


This comprehensive guitar course teaches you how to learn the guitar properly from day one. I will show you how to avoid the deadly pitfalls every beginner faces and then exactly what you need to do to progress quickly and reach your targets in no time!

This 10 module course includes 80+ video lessons taking you on a beginners journey, and for those of you who love the blues, this course will be everything you'll ever need as a beginner guitarist.

What's Inside?

  • 10 modules from total beginner to intermediate
  • Step by step system guarantees your progress
  • 'End of Module songs' to test out your new skills!
  • New Bonus module showing you how to play like your favourite blues players (including Buddy Guy, Eric clapton, Muddy Waters, SRV and many more!)
  • PDF Worksheets for every single video lesson
  • Downloadable audio tracks and Backing tracks

As well as all of this, I am always updating the course and will always be on hand to answer any questions you might have regarding your progress and learning. So you essentially have a personal guitar instructor ready to help! :)

Who am I?

Well, my name is Dan Holton and I run Brighton Guitar Academy - A guitar Academy based in the UK. I developed and taught at the Academy for 7 years now and during that time I have written the courses, taught 1000+ students, employ other great guitar tutors, written a beginners guitar book (soon to be published) and teach students around the world via Skype and other online lessons.

All of that experience teaching real students has shown me quite simply what works, and what does't work! So, this course is not just a good attempt or guess work at a beginners course... it is the ultimate beginners course. I know pretty much where people will slip up before they have even started, and therefore I suggest what you might find hard and give you realistic time scales within the videos to help you track your progress properly!

As always, if you need any extra help, just get in touch! :)

What You Will Learn!

  • Jam along to your favourite blues players
  • Be able to improvise and write your own songs
  • Have a huge library of cool songs to play along to
  • Understand TAB, chord charts, rhythms and be able to write your own
  • To simply understand the instrument you are playing!

Who Should Attend!

  • Beginners
  • Those who love blues and rock music!
  • Intermediates who want to find out why they cannot progress any further...
  • Even more advanced players will learn a thing or two and probably fill in some serious holes in their learning!



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