Ultimate Shred Machine: Learn shred guitar techniques

Learn the big 4 techniques of rock and heavy metal

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Ultimate Shred Machine: Learn shred guitar techniques

What You Will Learn!

  • Have a better understanding and grasp of all the techniques needed for rock and heavy metal lead guitar playing
  • Understand how to play and compose with new techniques and also use them in learning the solos you want!
  • Better understanding of how to practice and hone technique to the desired level you want


This course is designed to help players get a better grasp of practicing and appropriately using the big 4 techniques of rock and heavy metal. We're talking about SHREDDING, LEGATO, TAPPING and SWEEPING.

Each section of the course is devoted to one of these techniques and has multiple examples beginning very simply and gradually increasing in difficulty and complexity. Each section will also be divided up into sub-sections of each technique and the common problems that can occur on the minor details within techniques. I will be providing tips, tricks and hacks to these common problems!

Who Should Attend!

  • Any guitarists wanting to up their shred speed, legato, tap and sweeping technique
  • Someone who has already tried to learn these techniques and failed due to it being presented in a boring manner or the exercises were dull
  • Someone who wants to learn rock and metal techniques in a fun and easy to understand manner, without all of the technical jargon.



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