Unity3d Game Ranking System Panel using online Profiles C#

Develop from scratch Unity3D Android & iOS Game Ranking Panel using facebook profiles login to Firebase database (DB)

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Unity3d Game Ranking System Panel using online Profiles C#


Develop from scratch Unity3d Android  & iOS Game Ranking Panel using facebook profiles and login:

I am an engineer and even the way of thinking is important in this tutorial.

Alot of things to learn from this course, it may appear simple, but in the end of the course you will be happy to discover new methods to use unity3D , and spatially with fireabse database.

Get facebook connected profile id

Save the connected to database profile using the given id

List all logged in profiles

Sort all profiles in panel by score

Unity3d Android  & iOS Game Ranking Panel using facebook profiles - And it should be clear that when we are developing a Unity3D game for iOS, we want to target that game to a large audience

Additional game development experience include successfully developing and publishing Unity3D game on Apple iOS app store independently

I am making a game for iOS and Android

game is a true representation of what can be done with Unity mobile game development

IOS/Android game in UNITY - Beginner Tutorial


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What You Will Learn!

  • Unity3d
  • Facebook Login
  • Debug Logs in Android device
  • Firebase Database
  • Listing Profiles
  • Sort profiles according to score
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Firebase
  • database
  • noSQL
  • json
  • dictionary
  • lists

Who Should Attend!

  • unity3d developers and future developers



  • Android Development
  • Firebase
  • Mobile Game Development
  • Facebook Instant Games






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