Watercolor Painting For Beginners | By Award Winning Artist

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Watercolor Painting For Beginners | By Award Winning Artist


"This is ABSOLUTELY the best water color course that I have ever seen!!!!!!! And believe me I have searched! I was one of those "I can't do that" people, BUT NOT ANYMORE! I would easily give this 10 stars if I could!!!" ~ David Martinez

Have you ever tried “painting with water” before?

Do you want to learn how to make fun, colorful, translucent watercolor paintings?

It's simpler than you think!

Watercolor is a FUN way to paint!

It can swirl and drip, blend and bleed, all of this randomness and free flow,

believe it or not,

can make painting effortless and

open up many possibilities for your creativity to flow.

It can push you out of your comfort zone

and it can also pull you in to the moment.

It’s the only medium that can paint a painting with you.

What that means is,

you apply the paint and let the water do the rest.

How cool is that?!


Hey there! Broderick here and I paint in watercolor professionally,

from simple character designs, to realism, to fun art, even fine art pieces hanging in Museums in Europe.

  • I’ve been a featured artist for a major art supply chain (Youtube: “urban sketching broderick wong”)

  • Social media loves my quirky watercolor pet portraits (Google: “vancouver is awesome broderick wong”)

  • Placed first in live watercolor painting competitions (2016 Harmony Festival Plein Air Champion ; 2018 Grand Prix Plein Air Masters Division Champion)

  • The Fabriano InAcquarello 2020, an international watercolor painting conference hosted in Italy,

    invited me to do an online painting demonstration as an international artist. (Google: "inarte fabriano 2020 brod wong”)

  • I've led live watercolor painting workshops for people who have never picked up a brush before


When I started, I knew absolutely nothing about painting or watercolor.

I was doing only black and white portraiture,

but I knew that if I wanted to challenge myself and grow,

I needed to learn color:

1) I played with watercolor, but it did everything except what I wanted it to

2) I experimented with acrylics, but it dried too quickly

3) Oils, well, it didn't dry fast enough

I got frustrated.

Everything I tried just wasn’t for me.

After 1 year, I gave watercolor another chance, but this time, I approached it differently.

I learned from books and non-instructional YouTube videos that I played over and over again

because I couldn’t find any instructors to guide me.

I had to figure it out on my own.

I ruined many watercolor paintings and didn’t know how to do them differently.

I experienced many happy accidents but didn’t know how to recreate them successfully.

I persevered and took a handful of workshops and,

over a brief period, I developed a certain fluency in “reading” watercolor.

Watercolor has taught me so much about art, about myself, even about life!

This is why watercolor to me, is for life.

To anyone out there who has tried learning on their own but needs more guidance,

to those who have tried their hand at it and need a fresh way of approaching their workflow,

to those that don't even have any art background and are looking to try something new,

I've been there, and I got you covered.

Fast forward to today, if I could have kick-started a path to success for myself to follow,

to learn watercolor painting quicker without making so many mistakes, what would that look like?

Through my experience in teaching myself and others,

I have peeled away those layers to its core essence,

and it is with this awareness that I present to you:

Watercolor Painting for Beginners

I’m excited to help you learn to create watercolor paintings you could be proud of!

"Only 5 lessons into this course and I love it! Broderick's videos are fun and informative! The videos have already addressed some of the frustrations I have experienced with watercolors in the past. I am feeling more confident in the fact that I can learn to use watercolors and all the different types of materials available. Excited for this course! Thank you Broderick for sharing what you learned from your own journey with watercolors!" ~ Jade Napier



Whether you've never picked up a brush before, or if you’re hoping to understand the medium better,

you'll want to finally learn watercolor the way it's meant to be used.


Are you looking for a new hobby,

or maybe you’ve gathered a collection of watercolor supplies but haven't found the time or courage to paint

or maybe you’re looking for a break from other more career goal oriented courses?

  • Are you concerned about buying more than you need or can afford?

  • Do you learn best through casual conversations instead of formal lectures?

  • Would you appreciate tips, reminders, directing you through exercises every step of the way?

With watercolor, you don't need a lot of materials to start painting.

I recommend a few decent materials that are not crazy expensive nor are they sub-par-quality cheap.

I've also designed Watercolor Painting for Beginners to be sequential,

which means, steps from previous lessons are seamlessly incorporated with the new.

"I've dabbled in watercolours for years, going to night classes etc and really felt a bit flummoxed by the medium. This course broke it all down into bite size chunks that are really fun to do and I'm learning more per half hour than i did in 20 hrs flailing around on my own. Very good teaching." ~ Susan Kuchenberg


You've tried watercolor but find it difficult to control, you may need a refresher on watercolor or maybe you need direction because you seem to choose the wrong and complicated things to paint?

  • Would you appreciate hearing what artists think as they paint?

  • Do you find painting the same thing over and over boring and tiresome?

  • Do you appreciate some background information about watercolor, and a progressive build up of technique and application?

If you've painted before, pay special attention to the first 2 lessons. It will provide more structure to the way you paint, so you avoid guesswork or uncertainty, catapulting your confidence to paint with more intention. No matter what your style is, what you learn is essential.


"The course is a lot of fun and I'm learning a ton, enjoying the balance of a lot of hands-on to "lecture." There's a lot of focus on fundamentals which seems exactly what is needed, and the extensive practice is helping. Believe Broderick when he says do not use student-grade paints! Cheap paints held me back with streaks and blobs I could not control until going out and getting some better paints...and a lot of my "sloppiness" suddenly improved." ~ George Rogers



There are watercolor painting classes out there that use up hours on soul-crushing lectures and theory

before putting brush to paper and when you finally do, it's all about repetitive drills,

forgettable color chart and swatch exercises,

demoralizing activities that are too mediocre or too complex,

random techniques without understanding why,

leaving you with so much playing, experimenting and accidents,

but still not knowing how to properly apply the knowledge in a practical way.

I'm here to show you that learning doesn't have to be mind-numbing.

Seriously. You just need the right guidance.



My Watercolor Painting For Beginners course does not involve a bowl of fruit, numerous lectures, drills and excruciating repetition.

My live watercolor painting workshops have given me the opportunity to target and isolate very specific challenges about the painting process,

from a learner’s point of view, and then break them down into short laser-focused lessons.

I found that these challenges are multi-layered and overlapping,

making it difficult to know where to begin.

This is why you may feel you’re taking 2 steps forward and 4 steps back.

My Watercolor Painting For Beginners course peels away those layers,

then simplifies them into short focused lessons,

allowing you to learn only what you need to know at that time, to get you to the next level.

Succeeding lessons will have their own short, focused sessions that gradually build on top of the previous.


● I’ve distilled traditional art theory & practice into their fundamental essence

● I use easy to understand language (aka no artsy fartsy terminologies)

● I thoughtfully produce my material and content: Straight to the point. No extra fluff.


The way information is presented, oddly enough, has an enormous impact on what you learn,

how fast you learn and how you apply it. (Sometimes whether you learn at all!)

I designed this course to build new information on top of what you already know. Think Lego.

● New lessons introduce new techniques & reinforce what you learned in previous lessons

● Lessons include carefully designed activities to match the skill level

● Lessons are concise but packed with only relevant information

"Thank you so very much Broderick and also for this really great course. I think the biggest improvement is regarding the confidence. I'm way more at ease when painting now, at least with the style we have practised here. I don't feel stress or anxious and I think I'm more patient. :-)" ~ Dennies Goldau


Knowing differs from understanding.

Random tips and tricks are good for 1-time activities,

but have you tried painting something else after

and felt like it sent you straight back to kindergarten?

I've been there before. (A few times actually. Sigh.)

You need a stronger foundation to fall back on.

Understanding what you’re doing with your watercolor will take you much further.

● Too much control = Overworked, muddy paintings

● Too much spontaneity = One big-happy-accident-type-of-paintings

● Controlled spontaneity = Fresh, glowing, transparent paintings


“I need to tidy up my work space”

“Those plants look like they need a little drink today”

“The cat needs…another bath!”

The fear of uncertainty encourages procrastination.

What if I told you one tip you can do to sidestep your hesitation?

(And no, it doesn’t involve sticking notes with the words “Let It Go” all over the place.)

They say that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

What if I told you that the shortest distance between

staring at a blank paper and actually painting on it

are only 4 dots, would you give it a try?

Learn my 4 Strengths Method.

This is a complete GAME CHANGER, one that I personally use

to ensure that I paint with more confidence, minimize any rework and overcome any initial hesitation.

That small piece of awareness was so valuable and so well put together! The whole course must be a goldmine!! ~ Lara Marchionni-Jones


There’s painting for fun, and then there’s painting to learn while having fun.

The course videos are professionally produced to educate and entertain.

This balance ensures a variety of presentations, instruction, humor and pacing!

● Painting for fun = Just playing with paints, there is not much technique to take away.

● Painting to learn = Heavy on theory and drills.

● Painting to learn while having fun equips you with what you need to know, right away, so you can enjoy the watercolor painting process more.



I’m here to help you think like water.

The more you understand, the less uncertainty there is, the more excited you will be to paint.

You will first learn how to control your watercolor.

Then I’ll show you how to use water and let it do what it wants.

This is what I call, Controlled Spontaneity: A give and take between you and the watercolor.

You will learn how to use water, to do different techniques, such as smooth washes, blending, glazing, color mixing, and so much more.

Q1: I don’t have strong drawing skills, should I take a drawing class first?

You don’t need to know how to draw.

Since the focus of the lessons are about painting and not drawing,

I will teach you a quick and easy way to sketch (that even kids can do!)

so you can start painting right away.

Q2: I had done so little watercolour painting before and I quit from frustration. “What makes your course different from others?”

"This course was exactly what I needed! I always wanted to try watercolor for a long time, but all those free tutorials on YouTube just kept me confused. But, in this course, Brod breaks it down into small sizable activities without any fluff, just like how it is said in the description. All in all, I'm really happy with this course and I'm surely looking forward to the wet-on-wet course that's coming up!" ~ Manu

My course is professionally produced:

● All videos are shot in high definition

● Over the head shots showing my entire set up

● Close-up shots for color mixing

● Clear and consistent audio/commentary

● Combination of energetic and relaxed pacing

● Casual conversations instead of formal lectures

● Receive the information in small segments. No over explaining.

● Animation/Visual Cues to let you know where I want you to focus on

● Fun activities with new challenges in each lesson to build up technique and application

You will learn my 4 Strengths Method, a complete GAME CHANGER that will jump start the way you paint, right after the 2nd lesson.

This course includes everything that I teach in my live workshops,

combining 2 of my workshops ($400 total value) plus access to additional,

bonus paint along videos to get more practice after the course.

If you’ve taken different classes before but still have a hard time controlling watercolor,

my Watercolor Painting for Beginners course can help.

This is not your typical, traditional course.

My live watercolor painting workshops have allowed me to refine the lessons into what they are today,

breaking down the watercolor process even more into its most essential concepts.

I did notice a difference - increased confidence. I realize I need to take my time, pay attention, look, plan, especially mixing enough paint, adding colour to the puddle in small increments.. Thinking about the colours & water control was also useful. Each of the steps you covered were so helpful. - Helen O’Neill

Q3: Things are quite busy with work/kids/life. What if I don’t finish the lesson?

These lessons are available anytime you need them, wherever you are in the world.

Learn at your own pace as long as you have a computer and an internet connection.


So, are you ready to finally start CREATING your very own beautiful watercolor painting instead of just admiring the work of others?

Then enroll now! I can’t wait to help you create your amazing paintings with color & water.

This is by far the best course I've taken on Udemy. The instructor is engaging, knowledgeable, and the information is both fun and informative. I'm SO impressed and excited I signed up for this course! Thank you!!! <3 ~ Cynthia Hauk

What You Will Learn!

  • Learn the essentials first before the basics
  • Understand how watercolor behaves
  • How much water to use
  • How to go lighter with your colors
  • How to go darker with your colors
  • Master basic techniques
  • How to avoid washed out paintings
  • How to avoid patchy, overworked paintings
  • Paint new activities (No repetitive drills)
  • Paint Sea and Land Animals (No fruit, vegetables or salads)
  • How to prepare your puddles
  • How to do a wash (The right way)
  • How to blend your washes using 1 color
  • How to blend your washes using 2 colors
  • How to make smooth, gradual blends
  • How to paint in details and features
  • How to layer or glaze to make your paintings glow
  • How to paint shadows without getting muddy
  • How to paint elements like leaves, trees, wood, grass
  • How to handle your brush to paint simple textures
  • How to "paint without painting"
  • How to use masking techniques
  • How to paint backgrounds (What to paint first, next and last)
  • How to mix colors
  • How to mix even more colors using only 3 pigments
  • The biggest take away about Color Theory
  • Tips and best practices to avoid common mistakes

Who Should Attend!

  • 25 yrs and up
  • Anyone looking for a new hobby, something new to do, a nice break from other career goal oriented course
  • Absolute beginners who have gathered a collection of watercolor supplies but haven't found the time or courage to paint with it
  • On and off watercolor painters who need a refresher course, learn vital watercolor techniques, needing a new direction



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  • Watercolor Painting






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