What's The Best Video Camera For You?

Learn the important technical considerations to enable you to make an informed decision on the next video camera you buy

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What's The Best Video Camera For You?


 So you're looking to buy a new video camera... whether you are looking to capture your children or grandchildren in their growing up moments, planning to capture a special summer vacation, videotape events for your school, church, or synagogue... Chet will help you better understand the most important tech foundations of today's video cameras.

This class will provide you with just enough technical knowledge to help you make an informed decision - to weed out some of the marketing hype and sort through the assortment of cameras available.  Chet will help you think about what's important to you in a camera and narrow down your search. 

This class will not provide you with a solid recommendation for a specific camera manufacturer or model, but will help you understand the camera features and functions that will be important to you, and find a camera that includes those.

What You Will Learn!

  • Understand the difference between stream and file based video (a huge shift in camera technologies)
  • Overview of the most common video formats in today's cameras (MOV, AVCHD, etc)
  • Introduction to the major components in a video camera: Lens, Camera Element, Storage/Media, Viewfinder/Screen, Microphone
  • Distinction between major video camera categories: Camcorder, Digital Camera, Pocket Camera, Mobile Device
  • Introdcution to the speciality category of action cameras (GoPro Hero)
  • Chet highlights some of the most important camera settings to look for on a camera (White Balance, Shooting Modes)
  • An understanding of the value of manual focus and why you might want this function.
  • Learn when and why Chet recommends your next video camera should have the option to use an external microphone
  • Gain an understanding of the valueable (short-list) of recommended camera accessories
  • Receive an introduction to some considerations of viewing, editing, and sharing video from your new video camera.
  • In two valuable videos, Chet shows you how to read camea specifications (Chet will help you begin to make sense of the techno-garble)
  • Print out the 1-page checklist you can use to help sort through the choices when you are ready to purchase your next video camera.

Who Should Attend!

  • This class is designed for anyone considering the purchase of a new video camera, who would benefit from a greater technical understanding of today's video cameras. Whether you are going to use your new video camera for home or family use. This class is _not_ intended to serve a professional video producer as we do not cover cameras in that range.



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