Writing Poetry for Beginners: How to Write Winning Poetry

Writing Poetry for Beginners: How to Write Winning Poetry - Taught by an Award-Winning Poet

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Writing Poetry for Beginners: How to Write Winning Poetry


Taught by an Award-Winning Poet!

Over 19,000 students and counting!


"It Was A Good Experience. It Helped Me A Lot."

Five Stars

- Amit Raikar

"Great for beginners, thank you."

Five Stars

- Hilcia Hernandez

"It was perfect! No BS from Adam Levon Brown. he was simple, direct, and taught me a lot in so short a time."

Five Stars

- Imelda Caravaca Ferrer

"It was a good match for me! I learned from the best."

Five Stars

- Chidiebere Nwokedi

"Thanks man, honestly helped me."

Five Stars

- Mike Ekim

"This course is so clear and easy to follow for the poets. My experience is good here."

Five Stars

-  Sajia Afrin

"This course is very helpful to me as a teacher. I could share the learnings I gained here to my dear pupils. Thank you."

Five Stars

- Jeramie Conde

"The bestt!!!!"

Five Stars

- Gautami vellat


- Comprehensive

- Practical

- Expert Advice

The instructor of this class is Adam Levon Brown. Brown is an Award-winning, internationally published Poet and an Author of eleven books. He has judged numerous international poetry contests and has been nominated for various prizes and has won several as well. In this course, Brown takes you a journey to find out what makes a good poem. This class is aimed mostly at Beginners and budding poets.

Writing Poetry for Beginners: How to craft a Winning Poem delves into the mystique of free-verse poetry. In this course, you will find the tips and tricks that Brown uses as an award-winning poet, and also the basics of writing a poem. We will be focusing on Free-verse poetry because that's the main type of poem that modern publishers look for and publish. This course WILL NOT go into rhyming or rhymed poetry.

- Poem writing

- Poetry

- English literature

- Literature

-  Learn how to write a poem

- Learn about consistency in a poem

- Learn about Intimacy in a poem

- Learn about (The best) poetic devices and how/where to apply them in your poems

- Learn the key fundamentals of what a free verse poem is

- And much, much more.

I have been writing and publishing for close to 8 years and I hope to teach others what I've learned.

I hope you enjoy the course!

What You Will Learn!

  • How to write a Poem
  • How to Write a Publishable Poem
  • How to Write a Free Verse Poem
  • How to add Poetic Devices for Effect
  • How to Use Senses to Create Vivid Imagery in your writing
  • How to write a Better Poem

Who Should Attend!

  • Poets
  • Students wanting to learn how to write their first poem
  • Intermediate poets wanting to learn new poetry tricks
  • Beginners of poetry
  • Beginner Writers



  • Poetry






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