#10 Hand Coordination - Transfer Chord Ballad 9 - C & Bb Key

Learn to coordinate both hands easily using my unique Transfer Chord Techniques - Play Flowing Ballad 9 to He is Lord

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#10 Hand Coordination - Transfer Chord Ballad 9 - C & Bb Key

What You Will Learn!

  • USE TRANSFER chord technique to coordinate both hands easily
  • LEARN new ways to play ballad 9 with new sounds
  • PLAY Ballad 9 in a flowing manner
  • KNOW when to put in the flowing ballad 9
  • PUT in flowing Ballad 9 to "He Is Lord"
  • PLAY BY EAR in C Key to He Is Lord
  • COORDINATE both hands transferring the sounds from LH to RH
  • DANCE the ballad 9 in C Key - C Chord, F Chord, G Chord
  • PLAY BY EAR in Bb Key to He is Lord
  • DANCE the ballad 9 in Bb Key - Bb Chord, Eb Chord, F7 Chord
  • Create beautiful endings with transfer chord for songs ending


#10 Hand Coordination - Transfer Chord Technique -  Play Flowing Ballad 9  to a song: He is Lord C Key & Bb Key

It’s exciting for me to see my students having so much fun in learning piano!  I am creating this new series of course for my students because they want to learn how to coordinate both hands in a flowing manner.  

Here's My Secret: Rosa's Unique Transfer Chord Technique - Use 2 Hands to play chords to create new sounds!

Our struggles:

  • we have already acquired some very basic skills to play good accompaniment to our songs, but we have reached a plateau that everything we play sounds very similar.

  • we  want to get out of the boring LH arpeggios but cannot because we don’t know how else to play them.

  • we are frustrated trying to figure out how to fit the entire arpeggio into a song.

  • we do not know how to count the arpeggios to make them fit to the melody of the song.

  • we find our LH ballad playing so predictable and boring that they even put us to sleep at times.

  • we feel stuck in a rut and do not know how to spice up our ballad playing.

If this is your experience, this new series of “Mastering Fun Piano Techniques” using my Transfer Chord Technique from Left Hand to Right Hand to add new sounds.

Piano Tip:  Use Transfer Chord to Play Flowing Ballad 9 Fillers!

Purpose of this course:

1.  This course is designed to ‘help’ students apply  ONE Specific Piano Technique – the Flowing Ballad 9 Transfer Chord Technique to He is Lord.

2.  From my own experience of teaching, I notice that students need to DRILL one technique at a time to their songs so that the technique can become ‘automatic’ in their playing.  The series of video clips are prepared in slow motion and normal tempo so that students can practice, practice, and practice until they feel very comfortable in using the technique easily to songs.

3.  In order that students can come away with confidence in Mastering the Flowing Ballad 9 Transfer Chord Technique, the steps shown are very thorough and systematic in the  video clips and explained clearly in the lectures.  All that is left is for students to have FUN practising them at the piano!


This course will give you:

1.  Many great piano tips of how you can turn boring arpeggios into professional sounding ballads.

2. This Flowing Ballad 9 is one that you want to MASTER! You can then apply them easily whenever you want to and it always sounds great.

3. My Secret Piano Tip of using 2 Hands to get out of the boring rut of LH repeated patterns.  Many concert pianists use this kind of techniques and that’s how they ‘flow’ in their piano playing.

4.  Learn how to play the Ballad Flowing 9 in 8th notes.

5. Use the Color chord piano tip to put color tones into your ballad arpeggios playing.

6.  Watch, copy and play, play, play. That’s what this course is about!

7.  With that foundation, you can go and experiment the idea and create your own Ballad 9 with variations!


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Who Should Attend!

  • students who want to take piano playing to the next level
  • students who want to play by ear
  • students who want to become proficient playing chord style piano
  • students who have difficulty coordinating both hands



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