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Agile PM 101 - Learn the Truth About Agile versus Waterfall

Important:This course is part of an integrated, university-level curriculum of seven courses (See de...

Ratings: 4.44/5.00     Lectures: 14  Subscribers: 94301

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Gestão Ágil com Scrum COMPLETO + 3 Cursos EXTRAS

Indiscutivelmente o mais completo: gestão ágil de projetos com SCRUM (Scrum Agile), Liderança,...

Ratings: 4.75/5.00     Lectures: 71  Subscribers: 45836

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[2020] Scrum Master + Liderar Equipos Scrum y Ágil


Ratings: 4.31/5.00     Lectures: 32  Subscribers: 40950

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Planejamento e Gestão de Projetos COMPLETO + 5 cursos Extras

Indiscutivelmente o mais completo: planejamento, gerenciamento de projetos segundo o PMI - PMBOK, MS...

Ratings: 4.72/5.00     Lectures: 98  Subscribers: 37667

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Primavera P6 Foundations Course

This course is a beginners course in Primavera P6. Those who want to learn P6 and understand its bas...

Ratings: 4.48/5.00     Lectures: 18  Subscribers: 33515

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Fundamentos em Gestão de Projetos + Curso de MS Project

Um curso extremamente inovador, prático e 100% online que vai ensinar passo a passo como criar plane...

Ratings: 4.54/5.00     Lectures: 75  Subscribers: 27341

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Introduction to Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam

Even wondered how big companies choose their Project Managers? In this course, you will be introduce...

Ratings: 4.05/5.00     Lectures: 26  Subscribers: 27106

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Certificação Scrum Master: Curso Preparatório COMPLETO

**** Prepare-se para uma certificação em Scrum com a gente! Mais de 1000 alunos certificados nas pri...

Ratings: 4.65/5.00     Lectures: 216  Subscribers: 27085

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دورة إدارة المشاريع الاحترافية بالعربي PMP Prep. Arabic

تحديث هام: هناك إصدار أحدث من الكتاب وهو الإصدار السادس, هذا الكورس معتمد على الإصدار الخا...

Ratings: 4.34/5.00     Lectures: 75  Subscribers: 26759

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Agile & Scrum Overview - Certification Info

Founded in 2012, Master of Project Academy taught 50,000+ IT & Business professionals in more th...

Ratings: 3.96/5.00     Lectures: 8  Subscribers: 25557

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Best Business Productivity Training Course

In This Online Course You Will Learn About The Major Productivity Challenges Facing Companies Today...

Ratings: 4.31/5.00     Lectures: 11  Subscribers: 24236

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Agile Methodologies Overview

In the world of software development life cycle management Agile project managers and scrum masters...

Ratings: 3.96/5.00     Lectures: 18  Subscribers: 22630

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PMP Preparation Course 6th Edition includes 42 PDUs - Arabic

PMP  Preparation Course By Process Groups According to PMBOK Sixth Edition - Last upd...

Ratings: 4.32/5.00     Lectures: 89  Subscribers: 22499

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Scrum - Padrões para Adoção

Se você está pensando em iniciar uma viagem para o mundo ágil e decidiu escolher o Scrum como compan...

Ratings: 4.32/5.00     Lectures: 13  Subscribers: 20972

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Microsoft Project 2019 Course for beginners to advanced

Our objective is to present you the course in a easiest way, make you feel it is easy to use, easy t...

Ratings: 3.88/5.00     Lectures: 11  Subscribers: 20341

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Gestão de Riscos + Curso Extra de Gestão de Projetos

Com uma linguagem simples, exemplos práticos e realistas, você aprenderá várias técni...

Ratings: 4.49/5.00     Lectures: 25  Subscribers: 20334

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Your complete guide to Agile, Scrum, Kanban

What does this course include?Become a fully fledged Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner! A 120 pag...

Ratings: 4.23/5.00     Lectures: 39  Subscribers: 20192

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Project Management: The Closing Phase

How to Become a Successful and Practical Project Manager Part 3 the Closing Phase is designed for as...

Ratings: 4.23/5.00     Lectures: 11  Subscribers: 18376

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Ms Project 2019 - do Básico ao Avançado

Este curso ensina como planejar e controlar cronogramas, recursos e orçamentos de projetos utilizand...

Ratings: 4.46/5.00     Lectures: 64  Subscribers: 17945

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Introduction to Launching Your Salesforce Consultant Career

This course covers the Industry Knowledge and key concepts you need to understand in order to launch...

Ratings: 4.46/5.00     Lectures: 8  Subscribers: 16613

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