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Zero to Hero in Microsoft Excel: Complete Excel guide 2023

[November 2022 update]Added a new section on Xlookup, a powerful alternative to Vlookup and HlookupA...

Ratings: 4.53/5.00     Lectures: 71  Subscribers: 416454

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Microsoft Excel - Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions

It's time to show Excel who's boss. Whether you're starting from square one or aspiring to become an...

Ratings: 4.65/5.00     Lectures: 114  Subscribers: 333040

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Ms Excel/Excel 2022 - The Complete Introduction to Excel

Microsoft Excel is definetly not an easy application to learn and to use. This is why sometimes it's...

Ratings: 4.32/5.00     Lectures: 20  Subscribers: 248161

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Do Básico ao Avançado - O Curso Completo de Microsoft Excel

Curso de Excel do Básico ao Avançado! Aprenda de forma completa em vídeo aulas passo a passo!Nesse c...

Ratings: 4.72/5.00     Lectures: 91  Subscribers: 241386

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Microsoft Excel - Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables

Excel Pivot Tables are an absolutely essential tool for anyone working with data in E...

Ratings: 4.63/5.00     Lectures: 90  Subscribers: 205781

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Microsoft 365 | Ultimate Guide

Have you always wanted to learn Microsoft 365 but don't know where to start?Would you like to manage...

Ratings: 4.20/5.00     Lectures: 506  Subscribers: 193074

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Power BI Completo - Do Básico ao Avançado

O curso completo de Power BI, do básico ao avançado em vídeo aulas passo a passo. Aqui você vai apre...

Ratings: 4.67/5.00     Lectures: 83  Subscribers: 186104

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Unlock Excel VBA and Excel Macros

Go from Beginner to Microsoft Excel VBA Expert!I'll take you step-by-step through engaging vide...

Ratings: 4.69/5.00     Lectures: 172  Subscribers: 177637

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Microsoft Excel - Data Visualization, Excel Charts & Graphs

Ask people what comes to mind when they think of Excel, and odds are they'll say "spreadsh...

Ratings: 4.66/5.00     Lectures: 59  Subscribers: 147033

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Basitten İleriye Excel

NOT : Basitten İleriye Excel Kursu Ücretsiz bir kurstur. Kursu tamamladığınızda excel adına bir şeyl...

Ratings: 4.37/5.00     Lectures: 8  Subscribers: 144576

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Curso Excel y Power BI – Análisis y Visualización de Datos

Si quieres aprender Data Science y Business Intelligence, empieza a hacerlo con Excel y Power BI. Ap...

Ratings: 4.59/5.00     Lectures: 141  Subscribers: 140674

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Microsoft Excel - Ms Excel from Beginner to Advanced Course

In this special Microsoft Excel - Ms Excel from Beginner to Advanced course you can learn the most i...

Ratings: 4.37/5.00     Lectures: 24  Subscribers: 132946

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Universidad Excel - Básico, Intermedio y Avanzado!

Este curso de Universidad Excel te llevará de la mano desde lo más básico hasta lo más avanzado. Es...

Ratings: 4.60/5.00     Lectures: 153  Subscribers: 132554

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Excel Completo - Desde Principiante Hasta Avanzado

Excel Completo incluye todo en un sólo paqueteEste programa combina perfectamente 3 cursos diferente...

Ratings: 4.63/5.00     Lectures: 155  Subscribers: 131036

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EXCEL para principiantes enfocado a los negocios

¿Alguna vez te has preguntado cómo empresas usan Excel en el manejo de sus datos?Realizado con la ul...

Ratings: 4.29/5.00     Lectures: 58  Subscribers: 116390

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Advanced Microsoft Excel Formulas & Functions - 2023

Recent Student's Reviews ***I Really Enjoyed This Course. I Have Been Using Excel For Years But Foun...

Ratings: 4.43/5.00     Lectures: 22  Subscribers: 113446

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Microsoft Teams | Ultimate Guide

Have you always wanted to learn Microsoft Teams but don't know where to start?Would you like to crea...

Ratings: 3.80/5.00     Lectures: 105  Subscribers: 108753

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Learn Microsoft Excel from A-Z: Beginner To Expert Course

Welcome to the Learn Microsoft Excel from A-Z: Beginner To Expert CourseIn this practical, hands-on...

Ratings: 4.59/5.00     Lectures: 154  Subscribers: 102216

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Excel Essentials: The Complete Excel Series - Level 1, 2 & 3

Over 165,000 students in 201 countries are becoming Excel masters with THIS series. Check out the FR...

Ratings: 4.64/5.00     Lectures: 343  Subscribers: 99969

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Powerpoint 2016 2019 365 - Master powerpoint presentation

5 Latest Updates to the course content:Apr 2023 - Embedding an Interactive Google MapApr 2023 - Cam...

Ratings: 4.65/5.00     Lectures: 139  Subscribers: 96616

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