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Neuroscience for parents: How to raise amazing kids

Congratulations! You just found the N°1 course on parenting on Udemy. With over 27.000 stu...

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The Complete Nonverbal Communication Course - Body Language

The Complete Nonverbal Communication Course - Body LanguageNonverbal Communication for Business, Pub...

Ratings: 4.56/5.00     Lectures: 95  Subscribers: 43107

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Help your child to read and write

This course introduces you to the Sounds-Write phonics program, and gives you the knowledge, resourc...

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Public Speaking for Parents - Teach Your Kids to Present 1Hr

Public Speaking for Parents - Teach Your Kids to Present - learn in less than 1HourYou can teach you...

Ratings: 3.92/5.00     Lectures: 24  Subscribers: 24395

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Fire Up Creativity in Your Child

**Course Updated - Oct 2018**-----------------------------------------------------------------------...

Ratings: 4.29/5.00     Lectures: 38  Subscribers: 16495

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Kickstart Clear Communication Skills

Whenever misunderstandings occur in your relationships with others, this will decrease your connecte...

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Family; Parenting; Kids, Children Motivation Course

Are you a parent in need of motivation?  Do you want to build up the happiness in your family?A...

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The Secret Law of the Magnet. Relationships, Sex and Money

A lot of the time people dream about making a lot of money or meeting that perfect beloved. But if t...

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FATHERHOOD MASTERY - How to be a Good Dad

Do you feel you can be a better father for your children?Are you about to become a first time Dad?Th...

Ratings: 2.92/5.00     Lectures: 13  Subscribers: 8909

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The top 20 questions and answers to become a better parent

This course is a collection of the top 20 parenting questions and answers that will help you unlock...

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Never Settle: How To Create Success In Your Love LIfe

I believe that you can approach success in your love life the same way you approach success in your...

Ratings: 4.33/5.00     Lectures: 5  Subscribers: 8239

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Why Bullies Bully and How to Get Them to Stop

This program consists of video lectures and handouts designed to help you learn how to get bullies t...

Ratings: 3.83/5.00     Lectures: 6  Subscribers: 7261

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Mutsuz ve Başarısız Çocuk Yetiştirmenin Yolları

Başarı ve mutluluğun takıntı haline getirildiği bir dönemde, çocuklarımız için yaptıklarımızın, iste...

Ratings: 4.33/5.00     Lectures: 53  Subscribers: 7238

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The 7 Most Common Parenting Mistakes

Have you ever been baffled by your child’s behavior? Do wonder what you should be doing differently...

Ratings: 4.41/5.00     Lectures: 7  Subscribers: 7207

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Human and Educational Psychology

In this course, we will take a look at Human and Educational Psychology. We will learn much about Hu...

Ratings: 3.46/5.00     Lectures: 44  Subscribers: 6953

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Dealing with Needy People

NEEDY PEOPLE? YOU NEED THIS COURSENeedy people are very frustrating to work...

Ratings: 4.43/5.00     Lectures: 30  Subscribers: 6879

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Aprende el Arte del Amor

El amor en una pareja no es tener una buena "química" entre los cuerpos. El amor en una par...

Ratings: 4.49/5.00     Lectures: 8  Subscribers: 6663

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Fully Accredited Professional Child Psychology Diploma

Study In Confidence with Dr Karen E Wells :Bestselling Instructor with over 71,000 Udemy students (o...

Ratings: 4.45/5.00     Lectures: 13  Subscribers: 6128

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Autism Awareness Course for Parents - Autism Training

LATEST: Course Updated Again for August 1st, 2021  About this Course:  1,000+ Students Wi...

Ratings: 4.51/5.00     Lectures: 58  Subscribers: 5818

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Help your child to read and write - Part 2

This course is the follow-up to our free Udemy course: 'Help your child to read and write'. Please c...

Ratings: 4.77/5.00     Lectures: 22  Subscribers: 5787

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