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Therapeutic Art Life Coach Certification (Accredited)

Students who complete this course will receive an official life coach CERTIFICATION from Transformat...

Ratings: 4.43/5.00     Lectures: 42  Subscribers: 40211

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Mental Health for Coping with Stress & Anxiety (Coronavirus)

Growth Mindset for Coronavirus: the Psychology of Mental Health to Find Opportunity in the Crisis an...

Ratings: 4.51/5.00     Lectures: 24  Subscribers: 31749

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CBT4PANIC. Overcome Panic & Anxiety attacks fast

Would you like to be FREE of Anxiety and Panic Attacks starting right from TODAY? Would you like to...

Ratings: 4.38/5.00     Lectures: 73  Subscribers: 26012

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CBT for Depression, Anxiety, Phobias and Panic Attacks

We are the World’s number one provider of Self Development and Arts Therapy Courses, with more than...

Ratings: 4.22/5.00     Lectures: 40  Subscribers: 21752

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Psiquiatria para Leigos-Tudo que você queria saber(gratuito)


Ratings: 4.78/5.00     Lectures: 41  Subscribers: 17317

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Introduction to CBT: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

We are the World’s number one provider of Self Development and Arts Therapy Courses, with more than...

Ratings: 4.23/5.00     Lectures: 38  Subscribers: 15506

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Stress Management & Mental Health | Relaxation in a Nutshell

Hello! I welcome you to my new course "Stress Management & Mental Health | Relaxation in a...

Ratings: 3.99/5.00     Lectures: 16  Subscribers: 13528

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How Your Breath of Life Reduces Stress & Blocked Emotions

We all experience positive and negative forms of stress in our lives. Some of us ignore the...

Ratings: 3.52/5.00     Lectures: 9  Subscribers: 13264

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EFT Emotional Freedom Technique: Hair Pulling & Skin Picking

****Course updated January, 2016!****Joan Kaylor stopped pulling out her hair in 1989. She has been...

Ratings: 4.68/5.00     Lectures: 27  Subscribers: 12990

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Notice: Please do NOT enrol on this course on impulse, thinking you might watch it later. Maybe show...

Ratings: 4.52/5.00     Lectures: 179  Subscribers: 12352

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Oxford Diploma in Understanding and Overcoming Depression

Note: This course does not qualify the recipient to perform any form of therapy or counseling for an...

Ratings: 4.14/5.00     Lectures: 256  Subscribers: 12037

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Counselling Children & Adolescents - ACCREDITED CERTIFICATE

Welcome to 'Counselling Children & Adolescents' course!This course is for those who want to...

Ratings: 4.32/5.00     Lectures: 24  Subscribers: 11716

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10X Neuroplasticity SUPERPOWER: Build Better Mental Health

10X Neuroplasticity SUPERPOWER - The Highest-Rated Neuroplasticity Course On Udemy!OVER 1,109 ⭐️⭐️⭐️...

Ratings: 4.81/5.00     Lectures: 77  Subscribers: 10558

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Why not help prevent a stroke and/or a heart attack?

Notice: Please do NOT enrol on this course on impulse, thinking you might watch it later. Maybe show...

Ratings: 4.56/5.00     Lectures: 75  Subscribers: 10449

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30-Day Reduce Your Anxiety Challenge

Do you want to feel less stressed and more positive in 30 days? Our challenge is designed to do just...

Ratings: 4.12/5.00     Lectures: 34  Subscribers: 10076

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How to Deal with Porn Addiction - Quit Porn and Masturbation

Welcome to our course on How to Deal with Porn Addiction - A Porn Addiction Recovery Guide. Addictio...

Ratings: 4.40/5.00     Lectures: 25  Subscribers: 9928

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EFT Tapping for OCD Anxiety using Gentle Behavior Therapy

How to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Gentle Behaviour Therapy to help deal with OCD. Do...

Ratings: 4.52/5.00     Lectures: 34  Subscribers: 9314

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Mind. FULL!ness to Mindfulness

Tired of your Mind being Full. Feeling anxious, stressed and overwhelmed? Join Sam as he goes throu...

Ratings: 4.64/5.00     Lectures: 31  Subscribers: 8553

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Purpose of Life Course - Create Transformed Meaningful Life

Most people find it hard to search for true purpose in life. It is difficult to stop struggling and...

Ratings: 3.73/5.00     Lectures: 5  Subscribers: 7676

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Master Your ADHD Brain!

Enroll in this course and get the best-selling ebook/workbook, Tame Your ADHD Brain, complimentary f...

Ratings: 4.38/5.00     Lectures: 33  Subscribers: 7476

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