Counselling Children & Adolescents - ACCREDITED CERTIFICATE

Work from home, become a professional counsellor, teenagers and child psychology, grief and bereavement, depression

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Counselling Children & Adolescents - ACCREDITED CERTIFICATE

What You Will Learn!

  • Learn how to work with children and adolescents in therapeutic settings
  • Learn about developmental stages of growth in children
  • Understand about the role of behavioural therapies & use of language when working with children
  • Learn about child's psychological issues: grief, dysfunctional families, bullying
  • Understand how therapy takes place: transformation, new skills, recovery
  • Learn how to set up your own therapeutic practice & work as a counsellor


Welcome to 'Counselling Children & Adolescents' course!

This course is for those who want to become a professional counsellor specialising in working with children and/or adolescents.

Here is what you will learn here:

  • How to therapeutically work with children and teenagers

  • What is 'child bullying' and 'child abuse'

  • Grief and bereavement in children & teenagers

  • What language to use in counselling of children and teenagers

  • Conflict resolution and stress management in children and adolescents 

  • How to open your own 'online' or 'offline' practice

  • And so much more!

P.S. This course is now fully accredited by the International Association of Therapists (IAOTH).

P.P.S. At the end of the course you will see the instructions on how to obtain your certificate of completion.

About the instructor: Elmira Strange, MPhil - is a Research Psychologist and online instructor with experience teaching for over 10 years. Elmira taught at University level (Wales, UK) and also online via international schools.

When Elmira was recovering from life-saving surgery, she also wrote a book on 'How to be happy' which is available online such as Amazon and Kindle. Elmira is planning to write her next book on self-development to underpin her teachings.

Currently, Elmira's passion is teaching on topics of Self-Development, Psychology, Mental Health, and Coaching. Her free videos are also available across social media such as YouTube.

Who Should Attend!

  • Student who want to work with children or adolescents
  • Professionals learning about counselling skills & child psychology
  • Anyone who wants to learn about psychology of adolescent behaviour
  • Anyone who likes to expand their knowledge for personal use



  • Counseling
  • Psychology






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