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Learn how to become a great DJ and be the life of the party!

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Ratings: 4.38/5.00     Lectures: 29  Subscribers: 14274

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Make Your First EDM Track - No Experience Required!

UPDATED FOR FL STUDIO 20!Learn the basics of making your first EDM track from Colin: A professional...

Ratings: 4.29/5.00     Lectures: 26  Subscribers: 10267

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Studio Essentials: Sound and Audio Foundations For Producers

Course updated on Dec 11, 2014. Over 1,100 students! Learn tricks of...

Ratings: 4.74/5.00     Lectures: 36  Subscribers: 10226

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Music Production in Ableton Live 9 - The Beginners Guide!

Ableton Live 9 is a software music sequencer and digital audio workstation for OS X and Windows. Ab...

Ratings: 4.04/5.00     Lectures: 10  Subscribers: 7947

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Producing Drums with Ableton Live and Drum Rack

This is a comprehensive overview of Ableton Live's Drum Rack taught by Ableton Certified Traine...

Ratings: 4.57/5.00     Lectures: 9  Subscribers: 6268

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Sound Design 101: Using Sampling for Music Production -Intro

** UDEMY BEST SELLING INSTRUCTOR **This is an introductory class that leads to the complete Sound De...

Ratings: 4.51/5.00     Lectures: 11  Subscribers: 6011

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Logic Pro X: Electronic Music Production - Progressive House

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make music in the style of Axwell & Ingrosso? Do you want t...

Ratings: 4.02/5.00     Lectures: 57  Subscribers: 5776

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Electronic Music Primer

In this class, we are going to quickly walk you through some of the more daunting options behind get...

Ratings: 4.30/5.00     Lectures: 9  Subscribers: 5451

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Electronic Music Production in Ableton Live (Level I)

This course is completely FREE. To view Level II and Level III, as well as watch more advanced Ablet...

Ratings: 4.70/5.00     Lectures: 25  Subscribers: 5055

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RECORD LABEL : How to Start a Music Record Label in 30 days

LATEST: Course Updated Again for November, 2018If you WANT to fire your boss ... quit your boring 9...

Ratings: 3.84/5.00     Lectures: 50  Subscribers: 4798

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Ultimate Guide to Editing And Mixing Drums In Pro Tools

As a producer, engineer, and drummer, I've spent over a decade recording drums for artists from all...

Ratings: 4.25/5.00     Lectures: 43  Subscribers: 4747

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Mastering Mixing Templates with Cubase Pro 9

Learn the SIX KEYS to create a powerful Workflow Template to consistently produce World-Class soundi...

Ratings: 3.44/5.00     Lectures: 32  Subscribers: 4606

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How to Use EQ Effectively in Your Songs [Audio Equalization]

EQ is a daunting tool.When first starting, the hardest part about an EQ is achieving good results. ...

Ratings: 4.45/5.00     Lectures: 28  Subscribers: 4605

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FL Studio Sytrus Sound Design Course

In this course Alex Merced will teach you about how to use the Image-Line VST Instrument, Sytrus. Fr...

Ratings: 4.09/5.00     Lectures: 9  Subscribers: 4463

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Logic Pro X: Dj Snake EDM Music Production in Logic Pro X

Do you like the style of Dj Snake and the process of "modern" EDM music production? Do you struggle...

Ratings: 3.79/5.00     Lectures: 46  Subscribers: 4294

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Logic Pro X - Learn Future House Electronic Music Production

This course will get you PRO knowledge for making Future House Electronic Music in Logic Pro X in ju...

Ratings: 4.37/5.00     Lectures: 47  Subscribers: 4229

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Logic Pro X: Chainsmokers Style EDM Music Production Course

This Chainsmokers style EDM Music Production course will show you how to, step by step, create an or...

Ratings: 4.59/5.00     Lectures: 60  Subscribers: 4226

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Produce a Retro Disco Boogie Record using Ableton Live Music

This course gives you the insight and knowledge on how to produce a retro sounding Disco Boogi...

Ratings: 3.84/5.00     Lectures: 9  Subscribers: 3959

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Mastering Cubase 9: Deep House Production

The Mastering Cubase 9 Series are dedicated to one of the most popular and powerful DAWs available t...

Ratings: 4.10/5.00     Lectures: 44  Subscribers: 3940

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DJ Techniques With Ableton Live: Introductory Class

** UDEMY BEST SELLING INSTRUCTOR **This is an introductory class that leads to the complete DJ Techn...

Ratings: 4.02/5.00     Lectures: 10  Subscribers: 3741

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