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Introduction to Big Data with Spark and Hadoop

Bernard Marr defines Big Data as the digital trace that we are generating in this digital era. In th...

University/Institute: IBM

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Grundlagen des Grafikdesigns

Grafikdesign ist präsenter als je zuvor! Wörter und Bilder - die Bausteine des Grafikdesigns - sind...

University/Institute: California Institute of the Arts

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Explore Management Concepts through Metaphor and Music

How can exploring and analysing music and metaphors help us to better understand management, work or...

University/Institute: University of London

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Bases para el éxito en el desarrollo de ventas

Este es el curso 1 de la certificación profesional para representantes de desarrollo de ventas de Sa...

University/Institute: SV Academy & Salesforce

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AI for Scientific Research

In the AI for Scientific Research specialization, we'll learn how to use AI in scientific situations...

University/Institute: LearnQuest

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Data Science on Google Cloud

Activities in these self-paced labs are derived from the exercises from the book Data Science on Goo...

University/Institute: Google Cloud

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Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance course develops conceptual framework to analyze the broad area of corporate financ...

University/Institute: HSE University

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Climate Change, Sustainability, and Global Public Health

The third course of the Impacts of the Environment on Global Public Health specialization will intro...

University/Institute: University of Michigan

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Introduction to Computer Information Systems

This Specialization is intended for anyone seeking to learn basic computer skills. Through 3 courses...

University/Institute: University of California, Irvine

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Teaching Writing Process

Half a century ago, a revolution took place in the teaching of writing. Educators asked, "What if we...

University/Institute: Johns Hopkins University

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Judgmental Business Forecasting in Excel

In this course, we extend your business forecasting expertise from the first two courses of our Busi...

University/Institute: Macquarie University

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Retail Digital Supply Chain

In this course, you will focus on understanding the main challenges and opportunities that the Retai...

University/Institute: University of Pennsylvania

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Managing Human Capital in Retail

In this course, you will cover the fundamentals of human capital management with a focus on the reta...

University/Institute: University of Pennsylvania

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Health After Cancer: Cancer Survivorship for Primary Care

This course presents basic principles of cancer survivorship to primary-care physicians. Developed b...

University/Institute: Stanford University

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Product Ideation, Design, and Management

This Specialization is designed for aspiring and active products leaders seeking to pursue careers i...

University/Institute: University of Maryland, College Park

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Troubles du spectre de l'autisme: interventions

Quelles sont les possibilités de traitement pour l'autisme? Que nous dit la recherche sur l'interven...

University/Institute: University of Geneva

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Recuperación Optimizada en Cirugía Colorrectal

Este curso tiene como propósito promover una visión inclusiva en los equipos de salud sobre el proto...

University/Institute: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

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Knowledge and Skills for Dementia Care: the SSLD Approach

This course is designed and produced by Professor Ka Tat Tsang of the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of So...

University/Institute: University of Toronto

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Leadership and organizational behavior

Leadership is everywhere. It is involved in nearly every social action, in some form. Many people wh...

University/Institute: Tecnológico de Monterrey

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Kids with Cancer Still Need School: The Providers Role

This course will help you understand and address the challenges parents and families face regarding...

University/Institute: Johns Hopkins University

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