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[Accredited] Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Counselor

Become a DBT COUNSELOR and set up your private practice!Learn Dialectical Behavioral Therapy DBT in-...

Ratings: 4.28/5.00     Lectures: 127  Subscribers: 7234

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Career in I-O Psychology & Organizational behavior

Industrial and Organizational PsychologyThe speciality of industrial-organizational psychology (also...

Ratings: 3.19/5.00     Lectures: 30  Subscribers: 7124

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Mental Health and Wellbeing Practitioner Certificate Course

Embark on a transformative journey with our Mental Health and Wellbeing Practitioner Certificate Cou...

Ratings: 4.69/5.00     Lectures: 134  Subscribers: 6980

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Lernen Sie Hypnose - Das Geheimnis der Hypnose entschlüsselt

Viele Menschen halten Hypnose für eine Art Zauberei. Und viele Hypnotiseure machen ein großes Geheim...

Ratings: 4.62/5.00     Lectures: 45  Subscribers: 6954

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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a contemporary and evidence-based form of cognitive behav...

Ratings: 4.68/5.00     Lectures: 101  Subscribers: 6883

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Applied Behavioural Analysis(ABA): Application and therapy

Feeling stress and helpless on how to teach your child with autism, Attention deficit hyperactivity...

Ratings: 4.55/5.00     Lectures: 10  Subscribers: 6694

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Postpartum Depression Relief

Postpartum Depression ReliefOvercoming Postpartum Depression: Psychology and Anxiety ManagementAtten...

Ratings: 4.24/5.00     Lectures: 67  Subscribers: 6666

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ADHD: 30 Days To The Life You Deserve!

This is a 30-day Makeover course not for how you look, but for your ADHD. This exciting course is&nb...

Ratings: 4.40/5.00     Lectures: 10  Subscribers: 6465

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Qi Gong: 30-Day Challenge with Lee Holden. 30 short workouts

3 hours 45 minutesQi gong combines stretching, strengthening, flow, mindfulness, breath, and energy...

Ratings: 4.75/5.00     Lectures: 32  Subscribers: 6359

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How to Stop Worrying & Overcome Anxiety Without Using Drugs

Are you tired of wasting your precious time and energy worrying all the time? Do you...

Ratings: 4.18/5.00     Lectures: 20  Subscribers: 6248

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Psychology and Therapy of Addictions -ACCREDITED CERTIFICATE

Welcome to 'Psychology & Therapy of Addictions' course!This course is for you if you are a...

Ratings: 4.54/5.00     Lectures: 23  Subscribers: 6198

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Mental Health First Aid Skills -

MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID SKILLSIf a person sprains their ankle or cuts their hand, a first aider know...

Ratings: 4.45/5.00     Lectures: 33  Subscribers: 5992

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Treating PTSD, Trauma & Phobias With The Rewind Technique

In this course, you will learn: How to treat phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, and traum...

Ratings: 4.87/5.00     Lectures: 33  Subscribers: 5939

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Improve Your Sleep, Fall Asleep Faster, And Be More Rested

Sleep is foundational to proper functioning of every organ and cell in our body. Good sleep translat...

Ratings: 4.61/5.00     Lectures: 18  Subscribers: 5882

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Overcoming ADD and ADHD to Restore Focus and Self Control

The inability to focus, be happy or feel relaxed has become epidemic in our country resulting in the...

Ratings: 3.45/5.00     Lectures: 31  Subscribers: 5849

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Addiction & Mental Health (Dual Diagnosis) Integrative 12hrs

Hi, thank you for your interest in our Self Paced 12 hour S.A.M.H.I. Advanced Dual Diagnos...

Ratings: 4.60/5.00     Lectures: 47  Subscribers: 5845

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DBT Practitioner Certification - Internationally Accredited

This IAOTH, UK accredited course will enable you to help people through Dialectical Behavior Therapy...

Ratings: 4.64/5.00     Lectures: 21  Subscribers: 5800

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[Accredited] Overcome Social Anxiety - Step by Step Plan

Social anxiety is so cruel. It leaves us feeling not only lonely but also unfulfilled. You want to m...

Ratings: 4.67/5.00     Lectures: 43  Subscribers: 5781

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Trauma Healing Practitioner Level One [Accredited]

Welcome to the accredited level one Trauma Healing Practitioner course, where you will embark on a t...

Ratings: 4.61/5.00     Lectures: 40  Subscribers: 5778

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[Accredited] CBT - Unburden from constant Worry & Anxiety

Constant negative and worrying thoughts cause so much pain right? It is like a burden that makes eve...

Ratings: 4.42/5.00     Lectures: 49  Subscribers: 5704

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