ACCA: AA (F8) - Audit and assurance

Learn what auditors are, what auditors do and how to become an auditor.

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ACCA: AA (F8) - Audit and assurance


This course is aimed to develop knowledge and understanding of the process of carrying out the assurance engagement and its application in the context of the professional regulatory framework

On successful completion of this paper, candidates should be able to: 

A. Explain the concept of audit and assurance and the functions of audit, corporate governance, including ethics and professional conduct, describing the scope and distinguishing between the functions of internal and external audit. 

B. Demonstrate how the auditor obtains and accepts audit engagements, obtains an understanding of the entity and its environment, assesses the risk of material misstatement (whether arising from fraud or other irregularities) and plans an audit of financial statements.

C. Describe and evaluate internal controls, techniques and audit tests, including IT systems to identify and communicate control risks and their potential consequences, making appropriate recommendations.

D. Identify and describe the work and evidence obtained by the auditor and others required to meet the objectives of audit engagements and the application of the International Standards on Auditing (ISAs).

E. Explain how consideration of subsequent events and the going concern principle can inform the conclusions from audit work and are reflected in different types of auditor’s report, written representations and the final review and report. 

What You Will Learn!

  • Pass your ACCA AA (F8) audit and assurance exam with great marks.
  • Understand a basic understanding of the audit environment.
  • Understand how to conduct an external audit through various audit procedures.
  • Understand the audit cycles from planning, execution and audit reports.
  • Understand internal control and how to implement them.

Who Should Attend!

  • Students that are studying or have an interest in auditing and assurance



  • ACCA






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