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"I wish I waited longer to learn python" -Said No Accountant Ever

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Python For Accountants | AccountingPy | Accounting


This course is directed at professional Accountants who are already skilled in Microsoft Excel. As such we will often reference how excel works and try to translate that into Python.

This course is not designed to teach you everything about Python. The course will skip over many aspects of Python that are not necessary for accountants. If you're looking to geek out on Python and learn every aspect of the language this course is not for you.

What this course is:

This course will give you the basic to start your journey learning Python. Learning Python will transform you into the most efficient accountant your company has ever seen. This course will teach you critical aspects of Python that accountants need to know without wasting your time.

In my journey to learn Python and create this course I've done the following:

  • Spent hundreds of hours going through tutorials where only 15% of the information was relevant to accountant

  • Spent thousands of dollars paying full blown software engineers to tutor me where every tutorial fell short

  • Painstakingly failed countless number of times before finding the "right" way to do almost every accounting tasks

  • Spent all my nights and weekends for months compiling everything I've learned

  • Wrote and rewrote every lesson until I felt they had everything you need without wasting time on things you don't

Now you can learn python in a relevant way that impacts your job performance faster. 

What You Will Learn!

  • Python
  • Python For Accountants

Who Should Attend!

  • Accountants Who Want To Learn Python



  • Python






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