Alternatives to saying "No! Don't, Stop!" without giving in

Moving from surviving to thriving by putting in place any type of boundary, in any place at any time, with all ages.

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Alternatives to saying "No! Don't, Stop!" without giving in


[updated October2018 with new skills} This course is for those parents and teachers who are fed up with having to continuously say NO, DON'T and STOP every day! You can use these skills for everyday problems from toddlers to teens such as:

Stop splashing.... cheating, swearing, whining, hitting your brother, stealing, eating with your mouth open, leaving dirty clothes on the floor, watching too much TV or too much computer. We have a skill for each and every boundary you need to put in place.

Come learn alternatives that actually empower and build confidence instead of leading to anger and frustration from both you and your children.

I will take you step by step through the tried and tested skills we have developed over the last 20 years. And more importantly, I will show you how you can implement these skills straight away so you will get breakthrough after breakthrough.

But this course is more than that. It's about understanding the psychology of your child and bringing out the best in them, and in you.

  • I have included Skills Summary printouts that you can stick up around your house.

  • I have included links to online exercises where you can practice your skills.

  • I have included whole sections on TODDLERS, on MONEY MATTERS, and frequently asked questions.

Parenting does not have to be something you just survive.... as these skills will push you into a paradigm of THRIVE.

And you don't need to know them all... in fact... there is probably more than you will need here.... you just need 2 core skills and they will work in over 80% of your situations.

So enroll now and learn how to get rid of that guilty feeling that you may be damaging your child's well being... only because you just have not yet learned the easier alternatives.

What You Will Learn!

  • How to say NO! in a way that is respectful and empowering.
  • What to say instead of "Don't do that! Stop it!" that actually makes them feel good about themselves.
  • A section just for skills to use with toddlers.
  • A section focused on how to say NO when it comes to money.
  • Put in place a range of boundaries without giving in to your children.
  • Unlock the resentment and sour faces when you say NO to your children.
  • How to get their children to come up with their own solutions instead of complaining how unfair you are.
  • Get your child to stop doing what you don't want them to do, without angry fights and guilty feelings of punishment.
  • Be able to pinpoint why you say NO, understand what need of yours you are protecting, and how to transform that into everyday breakthroughs.
  • Use emotionally intelligent skills that only therapists use because no one knows how to teach them.

Who Should Attend!

  • all parents and caregivers and parents to be
  • teachers, social workers and therapists



  • Early Childhood Education
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Parenting






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