Autocad Civil 3D 2018 for Civil Engineers

A Civil Engineering course in how to design a road using Civil 3D application using arranged steps

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Autocad Civil 3D 2018 for Civil Engineers


A Course made for Civil Engineers by Abbas Suwan:

To understand the basic concepts, functions, methods of Autocad Civil 3D. This course is for beginners and for interested advanced Engineers.

What to expect from this course:

When finishing this course, you will be able to perform a lot of calculations using Civil 3D. This course is for biginners and advanced Engineers as well.

The Benefits of using Civil 3D:

Civil 3D is a breakthrough application made for Civil Engineers. You can design your road, choose the path suits you and change it if you want, make a huge amount of calculations within

couple of minutes instead of spending time making things manualy.

This course focuses on the following Civil 3D skills:

  • Surface Adjustment

  • Importing contour map using Global Mapper & Civil 3D 2012 tools (Points Group)

  • Drawing Horizontal Alignment

  • Extracting a report

  • Creation of Earth Profile (Surface)

  • Creation of Corridors

  • Creating Assembly

  • Performing Earth Work Calculations (Cut & Fill)

  • Performing Materials Calculations (Pave 1, Pave2, Base, Sub-base)

  • Quantity Calculations

  • Drawing Cross Sections

After completing this course you will have a good knowledge of Autocad Civil 3D .I have done my best to make this course easy as possible ; all of the resources needed are posted in the course content.

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This course is FOR :

Civil Engineers

Civil Engineering Students


What You Will Learn!

  • Creating a contour Map using Global Mapper or Civil 32 2012 Tools
  • Import points from Google Earth to Civil 3D
  • Drawing Horizontal Alignment Correctly
  • Creating profile (existing and design profile)
  • Perform Cut and Fill Calculations
  • Super Elevation calculations
  • Creat an Assembly ( Road cross-section)
  • Quantity Calculations
  • Drawing Road cross sections

Who Should Attend!

  • Civil Engineers



  • Civil Engineering
  • AutoCAD Civil 3D






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