Deep Tissue Massage Certificate Course (5 CEU's)

Master Deep Tissue Massage and Other Advanced Massage Techniques from This Bestselling Deep Tissue Massage Course

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Deep Tissue Massage Certificate Course (5 CEU's)

What You Will Learn!

  • You will get a Certificate of Completion when you finish this deep tissue massage course from best-selling massage course instructor, Mark personally
  • Perform deep tissue massage and advanced massage techniques with great confidence
  • Implement the deep tissue massage techniques learnt in this course into any of their other massage sequences
  • Learn what are the most important factors when it comes to giving a great deep tissue massage!


Wouldn't you just love to know how to do this incredible form of deep tissue massage?

Well you can from best-selling massage course instructor, Mark Perren-Jones!

Mark has done deep tissue massage for elite athletes, celebrities and even Presidents of Countries and is going to teach you exactly the same massage sequences that he did on them.

Mark is an Approved Continuing Education Provider(APCE) with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork ( NCBTMB #1805)

"This is one of the best deep tissue massage courses i have ever taken!""I had gotten to a point where I wasn't sure if massage therapy was a career I really wanted to continue but now I have a renewed sense of passion!"

The Award Winning Isla Verde Spa Deep Tissue and Advanced Techniques Massage Course! 

"its one of the best massage training courses i have ever had online!"

In this deep tissue massage course, Mark Perren-Jones guides you step by step to show you from the basics to advanced massage techniques on how to give your massage clients an incredible Deep Tissue massage experience. You will learn not only deep tissue massage techniques that you can use but also will be able to incorporate these massage techniques into any of your other massages such as your relaxation or hot stones massage sequences.

Mark shows you not only what his 25 years of experience has helped him, but also he shows you the ways to avoid the mistakes that he has made along the way. When it comes to a massage clinic or spa, your best asset is your massage.

Without an incredible deep tissue massage sequence, it will be very difficult to have a thriving spa or practice. This online massage course will give you the skills set to give your clients an amazing deep tissue massage experience.

In this massage course you are going to learn:

  • Acupressure Techniques

  • What equipment is needed for deep tissue massage

  • Effective Spa/Clinic Marketing Strategies to making a successful business

  • To Correct Body Alignment and Postural Problems

  • To Set up the right atmosphere for your Client

  • The Importance of First Impressions

  • How to use your forearm Techniques correctly when doing deep tissue massages

  • Plus so much more..

The most important aspect to any spa or massage clinic is the quality of the massages, because without the ability to deliver great massages most therapists will not succeed and be taken over by the competition in this highly competitive industry. 

You will be shown not only our secrets to giving incredible deep tissue massages to your clients, friends, partners or family members but also know how to use your body correctly and avoid the pitfalls that many therapists fall into. You will be taught advanced techniques, the correct ways to apply pressure, how to correctly use acupressure and we also share with you other aspects of the spa business that have helped our business grow from just one person to needing 4 massage therapists in under 2 years!

Enroll now and start learning deep tissue massage today!

On completion of this course you will receive a certificate from the Isla Verde Spa Training Academy  and also be eligible to join to CTAA if you so desire.

All of Mark's Course are accredited with the CTAA (Complementary Therapists Accredited Association).

On completion of this course, you will have access to join the CTAA if you please. As a member of the CTAA you will receive these benefits:

  1. A Professional Certificate showing that you have full membership with CTAA as a Practitioner.

  2. Access to discounted Therapist Practitioner Insurance with your membership (subject to their Insurance Partners)

  3. Access to their CTAA Logo to place on your Website/Social Media/Email

  4. Free CTAA Directory Listing

  5. Have the opportunity to write a blog/article within the complementary therapy field that you work, that will be shared on their Website and Social Media to enable you to reach a larger audience and have exposure to yourself and your website.

Who Should Attend!

  • This deep tissue massage course is designed for students that want to take their massage to the next level.
  • The online massage course is specifically set up to give the student massage therapist a greater depth of massage techniques to use on their massage clients



  • Sports Massage






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