Beginners Guide to Improvisation Hollywood Film Directing

Use Improv to Supercharge Your Filmmaking

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Beginners Guide to Improvisation Hollywood Film Directing

What You Will Learn!

  • How to use just a story outline to make a feature film fast
  • The different kinds of improv and core techniques you can use to make an improvised feature film
  • Gain access to our production templates
  • Learn how to work with actors to achieve authentic performances


Improvisation is a form of performance in which the players have no script. Free of conventional methods and constraints, improv gives filmmakers and actors complete freedom to explore characters and relationships in depth and capture genuine authenticity on camera. It allows you to speed up production, make more films, and ultimately save time and money by working efficiently at all stages of the production process.

Suitable for aspiring filmmakers or more experienced artists looking for a new approach to film, the Beginners Guide to Improvisation Hollywood Film Directing will inspire you through the creative freedom improvisation fosters, and how putting away the script can lead to new discoveries, making your own work, behind and in front of the camera, fresh and exciting.


What people are saying about this course:

"This course made me a more visual director and taught me to release my fears and let the surprise factor create something more exciting and innovative." ~ Guy Sharpe

"This course delivers a ready-to-shoot guide to the production of character-driven films that burst with energy and heart. I completed it in one sitting and found my head swimming with ideas for my own film." ~ Audrey Pierson


Here is what you will learn in this course:

  • What improvisation is and the various forms used today so you can understand the different approaches to improv and how you can use it in your film.

  • The all important Surprise Factor so you can make sure each take is fresh and exciting and how this can lead to authentic performances.

  • How improvisation can help you get onto set quickly and how you can work efficiently once on set to speed up production and save costs.

  • The importance of trust in filmmaking and how improvisation fosters collaboration and freedom.

  • The mindset of Thinking on your Feet and why an adaptable attitude will help you throughout your career.

  • How to see the Big Picture and how improv trains you to think like an editor so you never face a problem in post production you can’t handle again.

We’ll completely breakdown our second improvised feature film In Corpore, filmed in four countries, and demonstrate how we applied each lesson we teach through practical examples.

Plus we'll take you through the steps for creating your own characters and conflict, allowing you to draft a scenario that is ready to film and turn into a micro-short so you can immediately practise working with improv.

Also included in this course is a tonne of supplementary material, from our story outlines and breakdowns to rehearsal notes and character drafts, so you can see exactly how we put together an improvised feature film.


What people are saying about our other courses:

"This is a really informative course. It's obvious that the teachers have a lot of passion behind what they do and a ton experience. I look forward to making my next film with some of the tips and ideas shared here in the course." ~ Laura Swartz

"This a great course. It has very practical advise for indie filmmakers, and a step by step process to make a micro-budget feature in a few months. I'm going to apply it to my first feature." ~ Jared Evans


So what are you waiting for? Whether you are fresh out of film school, a beginner who wants to create his/her own content or just someone who wants a new approach to make feature films, this course is for you. Join over 60,000 students that have already taken IFH filmmaking and screenwriting courses.

If you've got the dream.

If you've got the drive.

If you've got the passion - but you're missing the knowledge and experience ... this course will help you make your feature film into a reality.

Enroll NOW and learn how to use improvisation to make your feature film! Let's get started!

Who Should Attend!

  • Film Students
  • Filmmakers
  • Screenwriters
  • Videographers
  • Content Creators



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  • Filmmaking






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