Build Neural Networks In Seconds Using Deep Learning Studio

Develop Keras / TensorFlow Deep Learning Models Using A GUI And Without Knowing Python Or Machine Learning

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Build Neural Networks In Seconds Using Deep Learning Studio


In this course you will Machine Learning And Neural Networks easily. We will develop Keras / TensorFlow Deep Learning Models using  GUI and without knowing Python or programming.

If you are a python programmer, in this course you will learn a much easier and faster way to develop and deploy Keras / TensorFlow machine learning models.

You will learn about important machine learning concepts such as datasets, test set splitting, deep neural networks, normailzation, dropout, artificial networks, neural network models, hyperparameters, WITHOUT hard and boring technical explanations or math formulas, or follow along code. Instead, you will learn these concepts from practical and easy to follow along teaching methods.

In this course, Deep Learning Studio will produce all the python code for you in the backend, and you never even have to even look at it (unless of course you want to). By the end of this course you will be able to build, train and deploy deep learning AI models without having to do any coding.

After taking this course you will be able to produce well written professional python code without even knowing what python is or how to program, Deep Learning Studio will do all this work for you. Instead you can easily stay focused on building amazing artificial intelligence machine learning solutions without programming.

Also, if you just want to learn more about Deep Learning Studio and get a jump start on this revolutionary ststem, this is the course for you! Deep Learning Studio is just beginning to shake up the data science world and how artificial intelligence solutions are developed!

Get ahead of the curve by taking this exciting and easy to follow along course!

What You Will Learn!

  • How To Build Deep Neural Networks In Seconds Using Deep Learning Studio.
  • Rapidly Build And Visualise Neural Networks Without Programming Skills.
  • How To Understand Neural Networks Without Math Formulas.
  • How To Build Neural Networks Without Programming.
  • How To Deploy Machine Learning Models Built Using Deep Learning Studio.
  • Understand Normalization Without Heavy Math Or Complicated Technical Explanations.
  • Understand Dropout Without Heavy Math Or Complicated Technical Explanations.
  • How To Download Neural Network Models Built In Deep Learning Studio As Python / Keras / TensorFlow Script.
  • Learn Practical Information On Developing Artificial Neural Networks, Data Collection, And Creating Robust Models.

Who Should Attend!

  • Anyone Curios About Data Science.
  • Anyone Interested In Python, Keras Or Tensorflow.
  • Anyone Who Does NOT Want To Learn Python But Would Like To Develop Machine Learning Models.
  • Anyone Wanting To Launch Their Data Science Career Faster.
  • Experienced Python Programmers Who Want To Know How To Develop Keras / Tensorflow Deep Learning Models Faster, Better, And Easier.
  • Anyone Interested In Deep Learning Studio.



  • Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning
  • Neural Networks






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