Crypto Trading Masterclass

Master Cryptocurrency Trading and Binance Futures

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Crypto Trading Masterclass


Welcome to Crypto Trading Masterclass

My name is Daksh and Today I am going to be your instructor for this course.

For those who don’t know me I am a Full time trader and Investor. I am the founder of Cryptos Monopoly and Forex Monopoly. I am one of Binance's top 3% traders.

So Today I am going to teach you everything you need to know about Crypto Trading and also help you master the Number 1 crypto trading Platform Binance.

Welcome to Crypto Trading Masterclass

This course is meant to take you from having no knowledge of cryptocurrency trading to being a profitable professional crypto trader.

It makes no difference if you have no prior knowledge of cryptocurrency or have never traded anything in crypto.

This Course Contains a Full Foundation Module designed to assist students in mastering cryptocurrency trading and its platform.

In this course you will learn -

  1. Complete Foundation of Cryptocurrency Trading designed to assist students in mastering cryptocurrency trading.

  2. Mastering the world’s number 1 Crypto trading platform - Binance.

  3. How to Read the Crypto Market like a Professional Trader

  4. Execute Crypto Trades with different types of orders

  5. A Proper Take Profit Plan to help you collect maximum Profit in Crypto Trading

And not only That !!!

I'm going to share 3 strategies that I've been implementing, which has given me incredible results.

I'm also going to share my risk management strategy for this strategy.

So What are you waiting for.

What You Will Learn!

  • Master the Number #1 Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Binance
  • Learn How to Trade Cryptocurrencies
  • 3 Cryptocurrency Strategies
  • Risk Management Plan

Who Should Attend!

  • Any one who wants to Start trading in Cryptocurrency



  • Cryptocurrency
  • Bitcoin Trading






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