Data Science Bundle: 180 Hands-On Projects - Course 1 of 3

Build & Deploy 180 Projects - Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning (Python, Flask, Django, AWS, Azure Cloud)

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Data Science Bundle: 180 Hands-On Projects - Course 1 of 3

What You Will Learn!

  • Master the essentials of Machine Learning using Python, the go-to language for Data Science.
  • Learn to build robust Machine Learning models that can withstand real-world uncertainties.
  • Acquire the skills needed to deploy Machine Learning models, making them functional in a live environment.
  • Develop a strong intuition for choosing the right Machine Learning models for different tasks.
  • Implement popular Machine Learning algorithms from scratch, providing you with a deep understanding of their functionalities.
  • Use SciKit-Learn, the Python library for Machine Learning, to efficiently complete various tasks.
  • Explore Matplotlib, the Python plotting library, to visualize your data effectively.
  • Get exposure to Deep Learning, Transfer Learning, and Neural Networks, expanding your skill set.


Unleash your data science mastery in this dynamic course! Learn to build and deploy machine learning, AI, NLP models, and more using Python and web frameworks like Flask and Django . Elevate your projects to the cloud with Heroku, AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Watson, and Streamlit . Get ready to turn data into powerful solutions!

Embark on a dynamic learning experience with our comprehensive course, "Applied Data Science: From Theory to Real-World Impact . " Dive deep into the world of practical machine learning and data-driven projects, where you'll gain the skills to transform theoretical concepts into tangible solutions .

This hands-on program empowers you to tackle complex problems using cutting-edge techniques, guiding you through the entire project lifecycle . From the inception of ideas to data collection, preprocessing, modeling, and deployment, you'll navigate every stage, honing your skills in real-world settings .

Develop proficiency in deploying models across diverse environments, from interactive web applications to critical business systems . Gain insights into the challenges of model deployment and learn to address them effectively . With a strong emphasis on experiential learning, you'll work on actual industry-inspired projects, implementing strategies that yield measurable results .

"Data-Driven Projects" goes beyond the technical aspects, highlighting the integration of data-driven decision-making into various business landscapes . Witness the fusion of data analytics and strategic thinking, driving business impact through informed insights . Whether you're a seasoned data practitioner or a newcomer, this course equips you with the knowledge and confidence to excel in real-world scenarios .

Elevate your data science journey today and become a proficient problem solver, capable of leveraging data for transformative outcomes that make a difference in today's data-rich world .

In This Course, We Are Going To Work On 60 Real World Projects Listed Below:

Project-1: Forecasting Renewable Energy Generation: Time Series and Regression Analysis

Project-2: Predicting Diamond Sales Price with Multiple Regression Methods

Project-3: Ethereum Price Prediction using GRU/LSTMs for Forecasting

Project-4: Detecting Stress Levels from PPG Sensor Data using Neural Networks

Project-5: Classification of Brain Tumors with CNN and OpenCV

Project-6: Age and Gender Prediction from Chest X-Ray Scans using CNN and OpenCV

Project-7: COVID-19 Detection from CT Scans using ResNet, DenseNet, and VGG Models

Project-8: Detecting DeepFakes with ResNet and CNN

Project-9: Automatic Number Plate Recognition using ResNet and CNN

Project-10: Land Segmentation using U-Net Architecture

Project-11: LingoLinx: Unleashing Multilingual Magic - Language Translator App on Heroku

Project-12: AdView Pro: Cracking the Code of Ad View Predictions with IBM Watson on Heroku

Project-13: LappyPricer: Decoding Laptop Prices with Heroku's Predictive Powers

Project-14: TextWise: Unveiling Insights from WhatsApp Text with Heroku's Analytical Arsenal

Project-15: SmartCourse: Guiding Your Academic Journey - Course Recommendation System on Heroku

Project-16: IPL Prophets: Predicting IPL Match Wins with a Touch of Heroku Magic

Project-17: BodyFit: Sculpting Your Body Fat Estimator App on Microsoft Azure

Project-18: CareerPath: Paving the Way to Campus Placement Success on Microsoft Azure

Project-19: AutoCar: Driving the Future of Car Acceptability Prediction on Google Cloud

Project-20: GenreGenius: A Journey into Book Genres with Amazon Web Services

Project-21: DNA Seeker: Unraveling Genetic Clues - E . Coli Classification Adventure on AWS

Project-22: WordWizard: Unleashing Sentence Sorcery - Predicting the Next Word on AWS

Project-23: SeqMaster: Journey into Sequence Prediction - LSTM Adventures on AWS

Project-24: KeywordGenie: Unlocking Textual Treasures - Keyword Extraction using NLP on Azure

Project-25: SpellCheck Plus: Vanishing Typos - Spelling Correction Wizardry on Azure

Project-26: MusicTrends: Dancing with Popularity - Music Popularity Classification on Google App Engine

Project-27: AdClassify: Decoding Advertisements - Advertisement Classification on Google App Engine

Project-28: DigitDetect: Cracking the Code of Image Digits - Image Digit Classification on AWS

Project-29: EmoSense: Delving into Emotions - Emotion Recognition with Neural Networks on AWS

Project-30: CancerGuard: Fighting Against Breast Cancer - Breast Cancer Classification on AWS

Project-31: Unsupervised Clustering of COVID Nucleotide Sequences using K-Means

Project-32: Weed Detection in Soybean Crops using Computer Vision

Project-33: PixelPal: Transforming Images with OpenCV and Tkinter - Image Editor Application

Project-34: BrandQuest: Unveiling Brand Identifications with Tkinter and SQLite - Brand Identification Game

Project-35: TransactionTracker: Monitoring Financial Flows with Tkinter and SQLite - Transaction Application

Project-36: LearnEase: Nurturing Knowledge with Django - Learning Management System

Project-37: NewsWave: Riding the Waves of News - Create A News Portal with Django

Project-38: StudentVerse: Journey into Student Life - Create A Student Portal with Django

Project-39: ProductivityPro: Tracking Progress with Django and Plotly - Productivity Tracker

Project-40: StudyConnect: Forging Study Bonds - Create A Study Group with Django

Power BI Projects:

Project-41: Global Data Professionals Benchmarking Dashboard

Project-42: Beijing Air Quality Dashboard: DAX and Visualizations

Project-43: Real Estate in Daegu: Apartment Pros and Cons Analysis

Project-44: Super Market Sales Analysis: Power Query and DAX

Project-45: COVID-19 WHO Dataset Insights: Power Query and DAX

Project-46: Credit Card Defaulters Analysis: Power Query and DAX

Project-47: Crime in Chicago: 3-Year Analysis with Visualization

Project-48: Customer Churn Analysis: Real-World Business Problem

Project-49: Customer Churn Analysis (Advanced Features): Data Modeling

Project-50: Attrition Analysis: HR Data Transformation and Visualization

Tableau Projects:

Project-51: Revenue Analysis Dashboard: Business Insights and Trends

Project-52: AirBnbs in Seattle: Rental Market Analysis

Project-53: New Year Resolution Tweets: Social Media Analysis

Project-54: Road Accident in the UK: Safety Analysis

Project-55: Ecommerce Sales Dashboard: Sales Optimization

Project-56: Super Store Sales Dashboard: Retail Analysis

Project-57: Credit Card Complaints: Customer Feedback Analysis

Project-58: Data Science Career Dashboard: Job Market Trends

Project-59: Amazon Prime Video Dashboard: Streaming Insights

Project-60: Traffic Collision in Seattle: Safety and Traffic Analysis

Tip: Create A 60 Days Study Plan , Spend 1-3hrs Per Day, Build 60 Projects In 60 Days .

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Who Should Attend!

  • Beginners in data science