Ethics for Leaders : Understand Deception and Dishonesty !

Insights and Lessons, from the Science and Research, on Human Dishonesty and Deception, for Leaders and Managers !

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Ethics for Leaders : Understand Deception and Dishonesty !

What You Will Learn!

  • Gain deeper insights into Deception and Dishonesty, and the various types of it.
  • Learn about the Science and Research behind Deception, Lies, Conflicts of Interest, Propaganda etc.
  • How, and when do we lie or cheat, and deceive, others ? What are the factors that can affect this?
  • How, and when do we cheat, and deceive, ourselves ? What are the factors that can affect this?


Deception and Dishonesty are as old as life itself ! All living organisms, especially humans, routinely deceive themselves, and others. And most of it is not even intentional, it is subconsciously done!

Research reveals, that almost everyone lies, and deceives, routinely !

Their intentions are not always malicious. Many of these lies, are white lies, intended to ensure, that we don’t hurt someone else’s sentiments, or to hide something wrong, or careless, that we did! But it is not always so innocent, and the consequences of these lies, are not always benign either!

This Course, is a comprehensive, interesting, and informative, look, at the Science, and Research, behind Human Deception and Dishonesty.

You will learn about how your mind works, and the conflicting forces behind your judgements and decisions. And you will learn about how appearances can deceive. You will also learn about how, and when, people lie and cheat, how conflicts of interest affect people’s judgements and behaviour, and how mass deception and propaganda work.

Finally, you will be learning about a few techniques and strategies, that will help minimise everyone's deception and dishonesty, in most circumstances.

Get ready to become far more aware and informed, about how deception and dishonesty work, and how you can create more honest and ethical workplaces and environments !

Credits: Some images and videos are from Pixabay, Freepik and Pexels. A huge thanks to the contributors :)

Who Should Attend!

  • Management Students and those starting their careers
  • Leaders and Managers, who want to understand how deception and dishonesty work
  • Anyone else, who has completed school and college, and wants to get more insights into the various facets of deception and dishonesty



  • Ethics
  • Psychology






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