Designing Massive Mech in 3D Coat

Learn hard-surface modeling with voxels

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Designing Massive Mech in 3D Coat


This is an in-depth tutorial about designing a complicated robot inside 3DCoat. Starting from a rough 3D sketch towards a heavy posable assembly. Special attention is paid towards making proper joints for different parts of the model.

While there are whole 44 video chapters majority are very quick 3-5 minute tool explanation. There are also timelapses sped up to 4x realtime speed for lengthy parts of the tutorial.

I've been using 3D Coat on an everyday basis for the last 2 years and I talk extensively about utilizing the software at its best being at the same time aware of the bugs and common issues.

This tutorial also includes a promo code for my photo pack of an amazing Gundam Robot statue in Tokyo. It served as an original inspiration and reference for the tutorial. You can find the code in the project files attached to the first lecture, along with the hotkey list, robot model. The photo pack can be found on Fotoref website.

What You Will Learn!

  • How to start with a rough 3D voxel sketch and finish with a cool design

Who Should Attend!

  • 3D enthusiasts and professionals looking into new tools to expand their skills set



  • Hard Surface Modeling
  • Concept Art
  • 3D Coat
  • Conceptual Design






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