Digital Photography: Shooting in Manual for Beginners

Learn the skills, settings, and build confidence to shoot your DSLR in manual mode for better and more creative photos.

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Digital Photography: Shooting in Manual for Beginners


If you're interested in photography and taking beautiful or creative photographs it's essential to know your equipment, and how it works.   Learn how to take better photographs by taking control of your camera's exposure in   this 1-hour online course. In this course we'll cover the following through over an hour of video lectures, downloadable outlines, and assignments that reinforce:

  • Exposure (shutter, aperture, and ISO)

  • Metering, and metering modes

  • Shooting checklist to know what to do and when

Students will best learn when they take as little as a week to go through the lectures, outlines, and assignments. We recommend taking anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks to complete this course.

Students benefit from taking this course by engaging with the material, and putting it in to practice with their DSLR or digital rangefinder cameras. In doing so they will learn to how the camera "sees light," how to communicate their creative goals, and dial in the appropriate settings to reach these creative goals, which all leads to better exposed and more creative photographs. Students also benefit from engaging in their learning with peers, and are encouraged to participate in peer-to-peer learning by introducing themselves and starting discussions in the question area.

Christine, the instructor, gives over an hour of video lectures, based on her nearly 10 years in the professional wedding photography and portrait industry. She is available by the contact form for any questions students may have and responds to questions on a weekly basis.

What You Will Learn!

  • Learn how to shoot in manual mode
  • Learn how to get more/less depth-of-field
  • Learn how to get more/less movement
  • Learn how to talk to your camera, and how it talks to you

Who Should Attend!

  • Beginners in DSLR photography
  • People with their first DSLR, or rangefinder digital camera
  • People who are frustrated at not getting the images they want out of program or auto modes



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