Patternmaking For Beginners: Draft An Offshoulder Dress

Perfect your drafting skills to a beautiful Offshoulder dress and sleeve pattern

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Patternmaking For Beginners: Draft An Offshoulder Dress


The Easy Sewing Kit - Learn To Draft An Offshoulder Dress Course teaches you how to construct a beautiful dress in the offshoulder style.

In this course, you learn to draft a pattern for an offshoulder dress and sleeve, using fitting measurements, and quality techniques. We begin with organizing your pattern paper with accurate measurements laid out properly. You will then learn to calculate the armhole, the waist darts, and allowances. Finally you will draft accurate lines to match quality measurements for a fitting design.

What you learn:

  • How to layout measurements for an offshoulder dress, including the vertical measurements of the shoulder to bust, shoulder to waist and shoulder to hip, and the horizontal measurements of the waist circumference, the hip circumference and the armhole width

  • How to arrange and draft a offshoulder pattern from measurements onto drafting paper. This includes using the proper curves and drafting technique for the design

  • How to calculate the neckline and the armhole curve using measurements to fit within the offshoulder dress

  • How to draft appropriate allowances for sewing seams and later joining of the fabric

  • How to layout a fitting offshoulder sleeve, that will tie in appropriately

  • How to cut out both offshoulder dress and offshoulder sleeve ready to be applied to fabric for cutting out and sewing.

The ability to draft different styles helps you grow your craft and skill. This offshoulder drafting course is made to help you grow in both, and be ready for your own creative take to the offshoulder dress.

If you're ready to draft your offshoulder dress, then see you in my course!

What You Will Learn!

  • How to draft an offshoulder dress
  • How to apply body measurements into pattern
  • How to calculate various measurements for the dress
  • How to draft the offshoulder sleeve

Who Should Attend!

  • Fashion designers and pattern makers looking for new ideas
  • Beginner sewers interested in learning new patterns



  • Fashion Design






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