Draw & Paint Islamic Patterns: Eightfold Islamic Geometry

Learn to construct, trace, transfer, tile & paint six compositions based on four patterns from around the Islamic world.

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Draw & Paint Islamic Patterns: Eightfold Islamic Geometry

What You Will Learn!

  • Construct four different eightfold Islamic geometric patterns
  • Trace, transfer and tile the pattern to create a larger composition.
  • Create an interwoven effect.
  • Add colour and create different finishes using watercolour pencils and paints.
  • Create a subtle 3D effect by outlining in paint or metallic pen.


In each of the four Sections you will learn to construct a different Islamic Geometric Pattern using a compass and ruler.

Section 2: An Itimud Ud Daula Pattern - The  Mausoleum Walls

Section 3: A Bou Inania Pattern -  The Wooden Jaali

Section 4: An Alhambra Pattern - The Static Geometric Rosette Variation

Section 5: A Moroccan Pattern - The Classic Zellige

These patterns each have a different underlying grid all based on one circle being divided into eight. Once the pattern is constructed, you will see how to trace, transfer and tile the pattern in to a bigger composition. 

I will also provide  alternative tilings and variations so that you can create a final composition of your choice. I will complete each unit by showing you how I use watercolour pencils and paints on watercolour paper to create a final colourful composition for each unit.

Who Should Attend!

  • Suitable for who have completed the "Draw Islamic Geometric Patterns With A Compass And Ruler" beginners course
  • Suitable for those who have some other previous experience of drawing with a pencil, ruler and compass.



  • Drawing
  • Geometry
  • Islamic Geometric Patterns
  • Painting






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