Enrolled Agent Question Bank: Individuals (1st Half)

300+ Multiple-Choice of Part 1 Individuals to Pass the IRS Special Enrollment Examination in 80 days.

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Enrolled Agent Question Bank: Individuals (1st Half)


**Please Use 2021 Credits & Deductions to Answer Questions!**

The IRS (U.S. Taxes; Internal Revenue Service) Enrolled Agent (EA) exam, or the Special Enrollment Examination (EES), is a three-part exam that individuals must pass to become EAs.

  • Part 1 – Individual Tax

  • Part 2 – Business Tax

  • Part 3 – Representation, Practice, and Procedures

Our exam prep means that upon passing the EA exam and being accepted for enrollment by the IRS, Enrolled Agents are granted unlimited practice rights to represent any taxpayer before the IRS.

A notable advantage of Enrolled Agents is their unlimited representation rights. In fact, US Treasury regulations severely limit the representation rights of tax preparers who are not EAs, CPAs or attorneys. The demand for EAs continues to grow as taxes become increasingly complex. Now is the perfect time for tax preparers and firm accountants to consider becoming EAs. EAs, unlike attorneys and certified public accountants (CPAs), can practice in all 50 states without needing to apply state-by-state to represent clients.

Don’t worry if you have no experience in tax or accounting knowledge; you will practice everything you can to pass the exam with this question bank.

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What You Will Learn!

  • Best for students looking to kick-start their career as an Enrolled Agent once they pass their exam.
  • You will reach an optimized approach to speeding up your path to become an Enrolled Agent via our adaptive technology.
  • You will access 300+ multiple-choice questions for individuals collected online by our self-developed artificial intelligence algorithms.
  • You will be able to pass Part 1 (first half) of the IRS SEE exams aiming to be an Enrolled Agent.

Who Should Attend!

  • Best for students who need a deeper look at EA Exam subject areas and more study resources



  • Tax Preparation






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