Fiction Formula: How to outline a bestselling novel

A structured guide to writing a book with genre plotting templates

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Fiction Formula: How to outline a bestselling novel


How to write a book: fiction novel outline templates

I spent 10 years in a library getting a PhD in Literature, and still didn't know how to write a novel. But after editing a few hundred books and writing a dozen of my own, I've created clear and simple resources for outlining commercial fiction that is better than anything else available. I hope you think so too.

Whether you're a pantser or a plotter; whether your first rough draft is finished or you haven't even started; this guide to plotting and story architecture will drastically improve your novel's pacing, create more intrigue, and keep readers engaging. Ultimately, you'll end up with a much more satisfying book - which means better reviews, and more sales.


"I've been listening to this non-stop. Dude has done his research on story structure."

"Finally implementing your structure into the beats of my story. I really think you're on to something here. You can literally immediately visualize hundreds of movies you know (that worked) based on when certain beats happen."

"I have been looking for a plot structure like this for a long time! It helped me to complete a system that I'm so happy with. Thanks so much!"

"This has been so helpful! You don't understand what this means to me. If anyone ever asks me how I managed to write three full POV stories at once in the same book, I'll credit Derek Murphy."

"Man this right here helped me a ton yo. It cut out most of all the nonsense that the other outlines be giving."

"When I put my story ideas into other outlines they seem to leave me still feeling lost, and confused with what should happen in certain chapters. But this one? I was able to connect the dots from beginning to the complete end. I had to study it for a week straight before I finally was able to really understand how to use this story structure completely."

"Thank you so much for creating this story outline. Me being able to really complete a story blueprint makes me feel so happy right now."

What You Will Learn!

  • A step-by-step guide to plotting bestselling fiction
  • Why readers get bored & how to keep them hooked
  • A 24-chapter plot outline so you know exactly what to do

Who Should Attend!

  • authors and writers who need structure, but hate plotting



  • Writing a Book
  • Fiction Writing
  • Novel Writing






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