Fingerstyle Guitar STEP BY STEP: Learn Songs & Arrangements

Learn To Play Fingerstyle Guitar! A practical learning method with REAL well-known songs and arrangements

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Fingerstyle Guitar STEP BY STEP: Learn Songs & Arrangements


Learning is a process of taking the impossible and making it possible, this 13-hour course is like many private lessons. If you’ll follow closely, and play slowly, again and again, the movements will eventually get into your body and fingers, and then it happens, we can play the thing that we couldn’t play before.

And that exactly how I teach in this course, slowly and repetitively.

So take your time, play, and it will happen.

I hope I manage to deliver you my love for fingerstyle guitar and music.

The course 1st section is: TECHNIQUES AND FUNDAMENTALS needed in order to play fingerstyle guitar.

The 2nd section is an EXERCISE - PICKING PATTERNS section with many exercises that will lead the way to play fingerstyle songs and arrangements.

And, a SIX TUNE SECTION, with REAL songs and arrangements that will take your playing to the next level. It is a really wide repertoire, from a classic tune, through folk blues songs, another fingerstyle arrangements for two beautiful songs, and another blues song for the swing.

Another Very important section is the "HOW TO LEARN METHOD" section, in which I explain and walk through 5 GUIDELINES FOR LEARNING AND SUCCEEDING in learning a new tune. A guidelines that I use my self and with my students. Also in my teachings here I show exactly how to use them and how to practice and play.

A bonus section that I added to the course is The Four Steps For Making Your Own Fingerstyle Arrangement, in which I explore the ways and steps for creating beautiful arrangements.

Hope to see you inside the course.

All the songs used in this course are by permission by ACUM Israel.

What You Will Learn!

  • Learn to play REAL well known beautiful fingerstyle and folk songs
  • Learn a great method for learning a new tune
  • Learn to play songs arrangements for fingerstyle guitar
  • Learn many picking patterns you'll be able to use in many songs
  • Learn how to arrange tunes for fingerstyle guitar
  • Learn chords in different positions

Who Should Attend!

  • Beginner to intermediate guitar players who wants to develop their skills and enrich their guitar playing with some great fingerstyle songs, fingerstyle arrangements and picking patterns.
  • Songwriters who want to enrich their guitar abilities with advanced picking patterns and beautiful folk songs.



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