Flowers in Window - Palette Knife Impasto

Learn to paint with knife and acrylics and how to create 3D impasto flowers and leaves in a landscape painting.

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Flowers in Window - Palette Knife Impasto

What You Will Learn!

  • Color Study
  • 3 different types of textures with knife
  • My painting process from start to finish
  • How to create realistic flowers
  • How to create this painting on a big canvas
  • Correct painting tools to be able to create an amazing painting


Do you want to paint this beautiful Flower painting using palette knife and hang on your wall? Then this class is for you.

In this class, I'm going to teach to paint this gorgeous 'Flowers in Window' painting. I've taught this painting to hundreds of my students and they proudly hang it on their walls. I created this painting on 4x4 ft and it is the center of attraction in my apartment. After finishing this class, you also will be able to create this painting as big you want.

I'll start this class by teaching you the basic acrylic blending, color studies and knifeworks used in this painting. I'll also show you all the art supplies I used. And then in a 6 step process, you will learn all the techniques to be able to create this painting.

This painting hangs big on a 4x4 feet canvas, that I created in 2019 I think. It is the centre of attraction in my home, and anytime anyone walks in, they fell in love with this painting and wants to have it in their home.

So I want you to learn all the techniques and then paint it big. You may wish to try it couple of times before painting big. I've painted this on small canvases for 4-5 times before attempting big. If you feel 4x4 feet is too big for you to handle, you can try on a 2x2 feet and it is also a very decent size to add beauty to the wall.

All you need are the right tools for painting big, and the techniques remain just the same.

By the end of this class you should feel confident in your ability to create acrylic paintings and if you have followed along you should have some physical proof!

Look forward to seeing you in the class



Who Should Attend!

  • The step-by-step approach of this class can be followed by anyone and everyone.



  • Acrylic Painting






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