Hermit contortion Ruesee Dudton level 2

The contortion posture of Hermit Dutton is used to relieve aches and pains when being alone and enhance meditation 2

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Hermit contortion Ruesee Dudton level 2


The hermit's exercises  with body bending  There is a big principle from the ordained hermit.  Seek peace. Concentrate. Keep the precepts. Calm your body and speech. In practice often sit in one position for hours in a row.  When the body has to stay in one position for a long time, it causes pain until it is unable to perform normal activities.  and remained alone without the help of a touch massage.  from other helpers  So they have to train themselves for those painful symptoms.

and in making various gestures  to relieve pain  There will be breathing exercises in and out.  Along with stretching and gathering knowledge about massage, hermit therapy has breath control, bending, pressing, and massaging at various points.  of the body as well

and for beginners  The principle of breathing should be inhale, bloated belly, exhale, flat belly.  Keep the inhaling and exhaling time equal, and practice slow breathing and being able to last longer than the short breaths.

when we can recognize and make the right gestures  Come to add more details such as holding your breath not to flow in.  The breath in the body creates concentration.  and increase the capacity of the lungs to hold more air, but there is a condition  If the trainees have problems with high blood pressure  in restraint training  or stopping breathing will be inconvenient  may cause unconsciousness or  Dizziness can occur. Therefore, the practice of holding the wind, holding the wind together.  Must practice little by little, gradually increasing the time to collect the wind little by little.  Do not rush to hold your breath for long periods of time during the new training session.  It will solve this problem as well.

And in this posture training at the second level, postures other than sitting are practiced, including standing, crouching, and meditation.  posture in a sitting position  It is a stable, balanced posture that can close your eyes to help you relax more, but in a standing position that requires balance.  and more balanced  Don't close your eyes while practicing those gestures.  in the early stages  because it may cause  or lose balance  Once you are able to maintain balance and have the focus of concentration.  So it can increase the eyes closed as well.  Close your eyes and practice will help us feel the small movements in the body increase as well.  But there are security issues too.

What You Will Learn!

  • Adding a Meditation
  • Self-treatment of pain
  • strengthen the flexibility of the body
  • It is finding useful activities to develop one's own potential.
  • can make good sleep

Who Should Attend!

  • meditation practitioner
  • People who have to sit and work in one position for a long time
  • sportsperson
  • athletics
  • office staff
  • student
  • insomnia problem
  • Fighter



  • Yoga Sutras






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