A New Approach For Effortless Lyrics & Songwriting

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Welcome to The Beginner's Enlightened Guide To Writing Lyrics, A New Approach for Effortless Lyrics & Songwriting !

*2021 UPDATE* Lyric-Writing Sessions Added!

My name is Adam. Allow me to give you a brief intro to my course:-)

This course is from the heart, my practice that I have developed over the years. I realized that writing lyrics is a process of personal growth and your lyrics grow as you grow. There is no magic formula for lyrics, YOU are the magic and you activate it when you take action, accept what comes out and do it for its own sake of enjoyment no matter if it is for fun or professionally.

What is ENLIGHTENED Lyric-Writing and how does this approach differ from standard songwriting?

  • Enlightened Lyric-Writing is about seeing songwriting as a creative process you allow yourself to go through.

  • Instead of setting goals we have a daily practice.

  • It is about allowing yourself to connect to your flow state where writing becomes easy and effortless.

  • It is a holistic system that includes structure, rhyming, and all other connected inspiration you need.

  • It is about validating everything that comes through as a part of the process.

  • Let go of insistence of what you think it might or is supposed to be.

  • Start with what is easy and obvious to get the flow going.

  • Your creative energy builds as you keep moving and your output matches those higher states that resonate with you and the higher states of others as your music draws itself to them on that level.

This will feel like a natural process to you because creation is all about your feeling. Let's apply songwriting in its original intention of joy and self-expression:)

What aspects about lyrics & songwriting does your course contain?

(I encourage you to look through the curriculum and watch several preview-able videos in order to get a feel for this course so you know if it is what you need in your journey.)

  • Introduction/Getting Started - Learn what it means to write unlimited lyrics and songs in combination with your mind and heart and how to effectively communicate to your audiences.

  • Golden Keys - Methods/exercises to take action on and can get you into the proper state to connect with your creativity and taking (writing) action from that state.

  • Points of View (POV) - Learn about the 3 different kinds of POV, main and sub POV, as well as using multiple POVs and lyric spurts and how this awareness can make you a more refined songwriter.

  • *NEW* Lyric-Writing Sessions - Let's write lyrics together! You can watch as I write lyrics from scratch applying Enlightened Methods or mute the video while you write your own lyrics.

  • Anatomy of A song - Learn in detail the different parts of a song and get tips on how to use them effectively and keep listeners engaged.

  • Platinum Keys - Techniques you can use to enhance your process of songwriting.

  • Lyric Structure Variations - Learn different lyric structure variations, when lyrics are necessary, and how to create variety among your songs.

  • Enlightened Tips - Realizations which have helped me get into flow and overcome blocks & limiting beliefs, so we can create our best work.

    And there is more to come....!

This is a process which you can thoroughly enjoy ever aspect. Writing/creating is an experience that expands you beyond yourself in the moment and when it is finished it has served you in that process, and then that finished song or recording will go on to serve those that listen to it and they can be inspired. So it all starts with you.

I am on this journey with you so reach out to me and chat if you would like to speak with me. I am excited to meet you and honored if you join me on this amazing/challenging/exciting journey.

*NEW* As of 2021, I am excited to announce there is now a Facebook community of Enlightened Lyric Writers you will be able to join when you take this course, where we can all exchange ideas, share knowledge, offer feedback, and present our creations:)

You can find my personal creations on Spotify, Apple Music, and BandCamp under my name, Adam Sweeney. New IG: adamsweeneymusic

What You Will Learn!

  • Expand beyond yourself through the practice of writing lyrics.
  • Make writing an everyday process you enjoy for its own sake.
  • Tap into a space of allowance within yourself (it's a thing, you'll see).
  • Transform limiting beliefs about yourself/songwriting.
  • Write lyrics from different and multiple points of view to navigate storytelling.
  • Structure lyrics to keep listeners engaged through change and variety.
  • Know when lyrics are and are not necessary in your songs.

Who Should Attend!

  • Novice songwriters of all ages, nations, beliefs, and music genres.
  • Singer-Songwriters
  • Experienced songwriters who enjoy additional perspectives.
  • Those who are fascinated and enthusiastic about writing song lyrics.
  • Individuals that enjoy exploring within themselves and expressing it through music and writing lyrics.
  • Those who want to surprise themselves with what they are truly capable of.



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  • Songwriting






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